Tips for disasters

Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and even volcanoes in recent years has become an increasingly common phenomenon around the world and led us to the idea that a natural disaster can happen anytime and anywhere. And the consequences of this event made us realize that we need to be prepared in case of an accident to rescue the Pets. And to this must be prepared and administrative bodies, and ourselves. In recent years natural disasters are paying more attention to saving not only humans, but animals; more and more shelters and veterinary clinics better than before, prepared to take animals and help them.

In the U.S., some district veterinary Association veterinarians appointed volunteers in every village to coordinate the rescue and help animals. Veterinarians are not alone in their efforts to help animals during natural disasters. Probably the most influential organization in the field of helping animals in the event of a disaster — rescue of animals in emergency situations (Emergency Animal Rescue Service), located in Sacramento, California; she is willing to do for animals what the Red Cross does for people. Trained EARS volunteers are working all over the world, rescuing and helping animals.

Terri crisp (Terri Crisp), founder of EARS, did more than any other person in order to change the attitude of the rescue animals during natural disasters. It is a story that will not leave indifferent any lover of animals, described in her book Out of Harm’s Way: The Extraordinary True Story of One Woman’s Lifelong Devotion to Animal Rescue (published by Pocket Books).

Changes in recent years due to the realization that animals also need care and some people are willing to risk their lives, but not to abandon their Pets. So you need to be ready to save all members of his family — both people and animals.

The action plan

You have to be ready to everything, even to the fact that during a natural disaster you will not always be at home. Therefore, all your family members, including children, need to prepare for emergencies. Develop a plan and make all your family members to learn it.

During emergencies, people must rely on each other; this is true in terms of saving animals. Get to know your neighbors and develop a plan to help each other. Check with local shelters and veterinary clinics, which they have plans in case of disasters, and think about how well you fit into these plans. Ask the vet whether he had a plan in case of disaster and how he’s going to cooperate in this situation with other vets. If he never thought, try gently but firmly to explain to him that this is necessary.

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