What to feed a dog

The dog – man’s best friend, and even the most undemanding pet. However, simplicity does not mean that the dog requires no maintenance. Many give birth a pet, but don’t know what to feed and how to care for it. The Internet pet shop dog100 able to help.

Dogs, like people, require balanced nutrition. To adjust the dog’s diet will help a natural food and special canned food for dogs. To provide the dog with all necessary natural products is not easy. People, incidentally, also taking your vitamins, because you can’t get all nutrients from food intake. So let’s look at the basic rules of nutrition for dogs.

Natural food – based diet the Basis of nutrition for dogs should be protein and dairy products and meat, and carbohydrates – grains and vegetables. This is very important because the lack of vegetables included in the fiber can cause problems with a chair, and the lack of grain is weight loss. As for the meat, then the dog eats everything and people, but this does not mean that you can feed the animal roasted, salted or products of unknown origin. Meat for dogs need a little boil or scald, but the bird definitely need a good cook.

Dogs are good to eat different porridges, particularly viscous, such as rice, oatmeal or buckwheat. Porridge should be in dobavleniya or carrots that contain the most fiber. Four-legged friends well and eat other vegetables, but they should be cutting or rubbing.

Due to the high content of calcium dogs need to give dairy products like cheese, kefir and yogurt. They have a positive effect on digestion. Also for dogs will be helpful eggs – raw, boiled soft-boiled or cooked in omelets.

Natural products for dogs junk: bones, fatty meat, river fish, raw poultry, sausage and smoked meats, sugar and sugar-containing products, spices, flour products, spoiled food and salinity.

Dry food as the feeding of Course, to meet the dog’s all natural products will be difficult, so people with four-legged friends can help dry dog food of high quality. Cheap food is not of high quality, and therefore cannot provide the animal all the nutrients. Therefore, there is a preferred feed for the premium class and above.

Dry food can be the basis of the diet of the dog, but to change the principle of power should be gradual. The digestive system of a dog needs to get used to a new type of food. Also you should remember that if the dog eats only dry food, she should drink plenty.

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