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What you need to know before buying a parrot?

For those who want a beautiful pet parrot will be a godsend. In most cases, it’s very sociable and undemanding pet, it is only important to choose a pet according to their breed, colour and condition.

How to determine the type of parrot?

Parrots are not always tiny and compact bird. Representatives of some species — for example, cockatoo or macaw can reach a length of 70 cm or more. The content of such pupils is therefore specific. Therefore, if a person has no experience in caring for parrots, for a start it is better to focus on small and unpretentious birds, the most popular of which is traditionally considered a wavy parrot.

Where to buy?

Buy a parrot in the pet store or on the market individuals. Each option has its pros and cons. At the pet store a chance to purchase a sick parrot is much lower than the market, but the price “can bite”. And from private breeders who places their ads on specialized online message boards, you can find cute Chicks at a reasonable price — and even personally meet with the parents of the pet.

The basic rules buy

Best place to buy Popugaev of age no more than 5-6 weeks, when he’s not so little and helpless, though still a chick. The optimal age for socialization, so the pet will quickly get used to the new home and the owners.

In addition, at this age it is possible to establish the sex of the parrot. Distinguish females from males the cere is leathery education at the top of the base of the beak. Since birth, budgies cere pink hue — and only after 40 days the “boys” she starts to turn blue, and the “girls” becomes cream or brownish color.

Since the sale of parrots by some unscrupulous sellers is done solely for profit, so before buying a parrot a must to inspect. A healthy parrot should be lively and fun, normal complexion, with smooth plumage. The feathers near the cloaca should not be smeared with droppings — this may indicate diseases of the intestine.

How important is color for parrots?

Parrots have a bright and varied color. It is believed that the ability to talk among budgies generic only for holders of green. But actually this reasoning is wrong, so in the choice of color future visitors should consider only their personal wishes. It would be nice to explore color options in the Photo on the Internet — on our Bulletin Board available.

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