Unusual Pets of the stars

Raccoon, pig, rabbits and chinchilla — in the homes of stars of domestic show-business it is possible to meet animals in a zoo exhibit.

Raccoon Vasily Utkin

The famous Russian sports journalist and commentsATOR Vasily Utkin two years ago brought the raccoon. The presenter said in an interview that as a child he read a book by a popular British naturalist Gerald Durrell. There he saw an interesting description of the beast of noshi. Many years later Basil found out that it is possible to have a coati as a pet. However, in order to tame the beast, you need to spend a lot of time, and Utkin spends a lot of time at work and on business trips. By studying the content of Noah, Basil read about the raccoon and realized that these animals are much easier to handle. So Utkin in the family has a new member of the family, which was named the Raccoon. Irrepressible and active pet lives in a spacious aviary in the country the journalist. Basil your pet adores and tries to spend with him a lot of free time.

Piglet Anastasia Melnikova

Actress Anastasia Melnikova has recently become a mother for the pig. In childhood she had a variety of Pets, but to have a little pig it wouldn’t occur to me. Mini-pig, Wilhel appeared in the family Melnikova accidentally. Anastasia and her daughter Masha wanted to do such an unusuala gift for a close relative. As it turned out, to find a pig in Moscow is not so easy. However, they were lucky to find a pregnant pig, on which the star family immediately took chuvstvo. After the birth of the pig whose birth Anastasia and Masha was waiting for, they decided to leave Wilhelm himself. And now caring for him as a child.

Rabbit Nadi Handles

Beloved pet of the singer Nadia Pens are rabbits. She already had experience of communicating with these lovely animals. In childhood, rabbit has lived with Nadia for only a year — the singer suggests that parents simply prepared poor animal for dinner. When the Handle is moved to live to Moscow, I immediately got a long-eared friend, but he spent very little and got sick, unfortunately, died. After that, the singer promised myself not to have Pets. But recently, walking on Arbat street, Nadia saw little rabbits, prodavshica with it. The girl could not resist, and so she had the sea — rabbit breed Rex, whose skin is even better than the chinchilla.

Chinchilla Anita Tsoy

The son of singer Anita Tsoy — Ann — Allergy, so they couldn’t afford to have a pet. Anita saw how sad was watching her child on friends that were walking with their Pets. Once the singer gave a chinchilla — white girl, which she named Sheila. It was found that these animals her son is not allergic, so Choi left a new pet. Since chinchilla-girls can’t live without a pair, the star bought Schiele’s friend Emilka. Soon they had posterity. Now Anita gives grown chinchillas their fans through social networks. Choi cares about her brood only in good hands, because he didn’t want her Pets to put on fur.

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