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The strongest and most evil dog in the world

At the dawn of his evolution, man has sought to accustom wild animals. One of the first wolf, the ancestor of our modern dogs. Bringing all new breeds, scientists strive to achieve the strength and endurance of these formidable rulers of the wild. Did the researchers get the desired results? Is there a similar breed that would beat the indomitable forest Lord? This question can be answered by examining in detail the rating of the strongest dog breeds in the world.

The strongest breed of dog

Bull Terrier (Terrier family) – means “Bull”, bred in the UK. Very complicated in proportion. Lively, friendly breed, but aggressive outbursts are not controlled. Loyal bull Terrier to its owner, easy to train. The breed is recognized as the strongest in the world.

Staffordshire Terrier (amstaff) is a mixture of Terrier and bulldog, bred in the USA. Highly developed musculature. Possess a unique ability to distinguish odors. Animals are incredibly loyal, totally do not feel pain. With the right approach, well trained.

Boxer – mix the bullenbeiser and bulldog breed was bred in Germany. Smooth-haired, large dog. Balanced and loyal, loves children, very playful. Requires regular exercise, is an excellent watchdog.

Boerboel – European fighting breed once imported to Africa. Large breed, characterized by aggressiveness. If you do not train a dog, it postoyannomu to attack the person. In Denmark banned breeding them.

The Dogo Argentino is a mix of ten breeds, bred in Argentina. Despite the muscular body and menacing look, animals are very smart, docile and calm. Are not a fighting breed. The main purpose of hunting and protection.

The Rottweiler is a utility breed, bred in Germany. Large, strong dog, with strong character. The animal is fearless, inquisitive, good with children.

Danish (German) dog utility breed, bred in Germany. Very large animal with incredibly good character, for which the dog earned the nickname “gentle giant.” The breed are not aggressive at all, rather lazy. A very trainable breed.

The Siberian husky is a utility breed, bred in the USA. The progenitors are far Eastern local dogs. By external features the animals are very similar to wolves. A distinctive feature are the eyes different colors. Not accept the training, can be taught only in the course of the game. Interesting! Although the USA and is officially registered by the country where he was bred this breed, the actual huskies homeland is Russia.

The Doberman Pinscher is a utility breed, bred in Germany. Elegant and strong animal, has incredible responsiveness and fearlessness. He had earned the nickname “devil dog”. Dog aggressive, but successfully trainable.

The Canary dog is a guard dog bred in Spain. Despite a rather formidable appearance of the dog, she is not aggressive. Very intelligent, agile, tied to the owner until the end of his life.

Rating strongest dogs of the world on this, of course, does not end there. Here is the most striking of its representatives. But back to the wolves. Enough force the dog to beat a wolf? Hardly! Need and primal anger that drives wild animals to the point of mortal combat. How is it with anger at representatives of the family dog? What breed of dog is considered the most evil in the world?

The most evil dog in the world

Staffordshire Terrier – a guard dog bred in the United States. Knit, muscular animal. Has strong personality, tries hard to please his master. But to the outsider has a distinct hatred that is very dangerous.

Pakistani Mastiff or Gul Dong – combative breed, bred in Pakistan. Incredibly muscular and plastic. Very aggressive, almost uncontrollable animal. Training can not be. The dog is able to attack.

The pit bull Terrier is a fighting dog bred in the United States. We have very well developed muscles. These animals are strong-willed, gambling, have a strong fighting spirit. Easy enough to lose control of these animals. It is able to attack, therefore not permitted for cultivation in many countries.

Brindisa rumble – rumble a little-known breed, bred by the Albanian mafia. Obtained as a result of crossing four different breeds. External data is not fixed. By nature dogs are fierce, aggressive and ferocious. Complex in nature, uncontrolled. A strong attachment to the owner does not have.

Caucasian shepherd dog – guard dog that is bred in the Caucasus. This breed is over two thousand years. According to the legend, they come from the ancient state of Urartu. Large long-haired animal with a ferocious temper. The breed requires special training, without which the dog is able to attack.

The Rottweiler is a guard breed, bred in Germany. Large, strong animal with a strong character. These animals are very hardy, like to work with. The protected area is considered personal space. Are the most evil species, but only in the relation with strangers.

The Doberman Pincher is a guard breed, bred in Germany. Animal of medium height, strong and muscular. Has amazing smell and intuition. Tied to the family of the owner. In relation with strangers, the dog is vicious and out of control.

It would seem that the anger and aggressiveness of the large dog breeds explained. But what about the studies that show that do not give way to aggression, and maybe even exceed it such breeds as Chihuahua, Dachshund. But they are among the smallest. Yes, the wolves should reflect on that. But the eternal dispute between dogs and wolves probably will never end. To determine the strongest and most vicious breed of dog, as it turned out, not so easy.

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