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Play with a Guinea pig

To Guinea pigs remained healthy and happy, they need daily exercise. With a little imagination and imagination, you can make their life rich and interesting.

In nature, Guinea pigs spend most of their time in search of food, not having time to get bored. Our Pets live much easier: we give them a cozy house, tasty food and water. But because of this, their life becomes fresh, they start to miss. If a Guinea pig is constantly in the cage, she could be in trouble with overweight.

Daily physical activity is very important for the health of your Guinea pig. Releasing her from the cage, you’ll be surprised with what kind of energy will run and jump your pet. In dry and hot weather, the pig can live on the street. In bad weather it is better to provide her with the opportunity to explore the house from the inside of course, a significant portion of time your pig will spend locked up, but it doesn’t mean she should be boring. There are many things that can be placed in the cage to hold the animal while you do your business.

Do not let your Guinea pig get bored. More often take her and play with her.

Games in the house

Releasing a Guinea pig at home, limit her travel one room and warn other family members that pig is on the loose. Guinea pigs will love to run and jump at will. If you have a large cardboard box,it will make a wonderful toy. Cut it two inputs and see how the pig will run there and back.

A Guinea pig should be let out of the cage no less than an hour a day. Guinea pigs love to play with pipes and tunnels, especially in good company.

Games in the cell

Since Guinea pigs in the cage spend a lot of time, they definitely need to do something. You can put in the cage a branch of Apple or pear: most pigs love to chew on them. This will not only take care of your pet, but also will benefit his teeth. Some Guinea pigs like to play with a ball and to roll it on the cage.

Arrange the food in different corners of the cage so the pig was fun to look for her.

Playing outside

Guinea pigs love walking in the dry and warm weather. – Protected spot with access to water and fenced off enclosure will allow you permanently leave the pig in the garden. Put it in an enclosure of stone or brick – your pet will love to climb on it to look around.

Walk your Guinea pigs can only be in warm and clear weather.

Food and fun

We all know how I love to eat Guinea pigs. So why not spice up feeding time? Take two bowls and fill one with fresh feed, and the other dry and put them on different ends of the cage so the animal had to run.

Safety first

Releasing a pig from the cage, don’t lose sight of it. Do not let it come closer to the wiring and plants. Be careful not to step on her and not let her dogs and cats.

Regularly check the Guinea pig left in the pen. make sure that the aviary was closed, and don’t forget to equip inside the shelter from the weather. Make sure that the grass and plants inside the enclosure are not treated with pesticides. Guinea pigs can put a track out feed.

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