Vet tips: how to properly care for the animals in winter

What to feed Pets? How often should I walk? What is the difference between care for animals in winter and summer? What can be the danger of the winter holidays for animals. The advice the owners give the candidate of veterinary Sciences, veterinarian practitioner consultant Nikolay Kuznetsov.

1. Haircut and winter are not compatible. After autumn molting the animals appears to have poduch, which saves them from hypothermia. Pet, you can just cut when trimming. Trimming is a feature of some parody, when the animal does not fade.

2. During warm winters pet can shed up to 3 times. There’s nothing you can do about it.

3. Smooth-haired animals need clothes covering the body from the bottom. And some breeds of dogs – Yorkies, pugs, pekenese – to salt, sand, chemicals can hurt paws. In this case you need special shoes that can be found in pet stores and taapaca. Its only drawback – seismoactivity. Also, if animal’s sensitive interdigital strip and the crumbs will help the ointments based wax.

4. Due to the risk of hypothermia it is necessary to limit walking time to 5-7 minutes. Body Pets that are accustomed to 20-degree warmth, will not have time to adjust to sub-zero temperatures.

5. Walks to be active – run, walk. In the cold you cannot stand.

6. In winter, the diet of the animal must batido 30% more abundant. Abundant primarily in the energy component, and not by volume.

7. It is necessary to feed the animal before going outside. Because in winter a lot of energy is lost not only from movement but also from hypothermia.

8. New year – a time when the animal’s stomach gets a surplus of bones, sweets, smoked meats. Before meal dog and cat needs plenty of feed, so she never begged for food from the table. Do not give the traditional dog treats – bones. Tubular bones not digested in the stomach and cut it. Sweet too bad. If the animal will overeat sweets, in some cases, the need to do gastric lavage. There may even be a risk of hyperglycemic coma. To avoid the above, you just need not to leave anything sweet on the table.

9. Stray animals also need to feed and give them warm water. But better – take it home under their own responsibility.

10. Christmas holidays – the time of fireworks. This is a problem for animals that live in a confined space and is particularly sensitive to stress and noise. A couple of days before fireworks may start giving sedatives, preferring the herbal drugs. The only way to help your pet.

So the pet to properly feed, properly clothe, and keep a regime of walking, to safely overwinter.

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