Most exotic Pets.

Almost every second person wants to have as a pet the cat or dog. But, if such banal favorites already not pleasing to the eye and want something more exotic, then this article is for you. There are so many animals to dwell in your apartment. We have collected the top ten most popular mammals, arthropods and amphibians, which are so prized by fans of exotic.

The capybara is the largest rodent in the world.

The capybara is a rodent similar to a hamster or Guinea pig. However, the increase of this rodent 50-64 cm and weighs 35 to 66 kg. setting the stage for Some of the biggest rodent in my apartment or in a country house. But we must not forget that a pet needs a lot of space and daily access to the pond, as the capybara spends much time in the water.

Hedgehog in the house – a joy for children.

Despite the fact that the body of the hedgehog is covered with sharp needles, they are by nature friendly and peaceful creatures. The hedgehog can be a great family pet, because for him, the content does not need anything special. The hedgehog does not require special attention. According to zoologists, attention to a hedgehog should be exercised only at a tender age. And even then, it is necessary to ensure that the animal is accustomed to humans. Be aware that a hedgehog is echnologically, for this reason it will appeal to night owls.

Fox Fenech

In most of my foxes are wild animals, but the Fox, the Fennec Fox is the Fox, which with pleasure will be curtailed by a ball in the head of the owner. The Fennec Fox is captivating in its looks and a playful character. The animal is immediate and it is possible that sometimes it will hide in a garbage can, waiting for the owner. A floppy-eared Fox requires special care: should pay particular attention to the temperature regime of premises, because the animal used to the desert climate. “Dimensions” foxes do not exceed height and weight lapdog.

Red-spotted genetta

The birthplace of these animals is Africa. They are strong and active. Such a mammal can be a great companion for people with an active lifestyle and independent nature. Externally, genetta resembles a cross between a domestic cat, raccoon and ferret. By nature of geneti incredibly shy and just get along better with one host as the only beloved pet.

Miniature donkey

Mini donkeys – interesting and adorable animals, but it is not for everyone. With nervous owners obviously don’t get along. Having one mini-donkey is impossible. The animal will be very lonely, so have to buy just a couple or three, and tiny they are called very conditional. However, you need to understand that to have such a pet to your child is dangerous. Yes and include it in the courtyard, with access to pasture and water.


Speaking of miniature animals it is impossible not to mention dwarf goats. Incredibly playful and demanding animals. Despite its tiny size, pigmeev goats can make a lot of noise. These cattle are incredibly socialized, because I feel better in a flock than alone.

If goats are kept on a farm or in a country house, you can even print them out to pasture. If possible, the animal’s mouth don’t, then you should stock up on hay and grass, so at any moment the goat could have something to eat. They are experts in climbing the peaks, because the fencing should be sturdy and high.

Flower bear kinkajou

Kinkajou incredible sweet tooth, your name they received because of an addiction to honey and flower pollen. The nature of the mammal calm. Flower bear can not tolerate loneliness, does not like bright light and confusion on “its territory”. Despite its small size the animal has incredible energy and requires a lot of space for climbing and games. Only after a personal acquaintance we can understand how friendly and loving this animal. The adult size does not exceed the size of an adult cat.

The boa constrictor is a pet-exotic.

Despite a fearsome reputation, snakes have a rather agreeable disposition. To keep them in the apartment really secure, although they can reach gigantic sizes. Any reptiles and snakes are carriers of Salmonella, so you should make a rule after contact with the snake, thoroughly wash hands with soap and water. The main thing is not to forget to feed him.


To say that skunk can be a perfect pet will not work. However, if you surgically remove the “smelly” glands, you can get quite a docile, fluffy and incredibly exotic “kitten”. To take care of the Sphynx is very simple, it does not require the owner’s special skills. This exotic creature has a playful nature and loves a variety of toys.

Mexican red-legged tarantula.

Closes the top ten exotic and one of the largest spiders is the tarantula. Some varieties are best kept in a warm bright glass cages, but others prefer the freedom. Tarantula has curly hairs on the whole surface of the body. His paws are painted in bright red color. To feed such a pet need live insects.

Setting the stage for a pet, you need to find out about its maintenance. After all, even harmless animals can be carriers of diseases. Previously we described how dangerous a cat is to humans.

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