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What kind of pet to have the child

The child quickly mastered the outside world, and at one point, puzzling parents asking to adopt a puppy or kitten. Many adults do not have the opportunity to have domestic animals, for various reasons. This may be due to the small size of the apartment because of allergies to animals or simply because the person does not have time to care for your pet.

If all conditions for keeping of an animal in the house is there, then comes the main question — what can be the relationship of the animal and the child.

Communication with animals is beneficial to the children

Young children are very close with animals on development and behavior, and therefore very easy to identify with them. Children can not help feeling the dominance of adults, especially if they are parents, from whom the child depends. Therefore, your pet can become a friend with whom the child may behave almost equal. With pet your child can play and even talk, especially when there are no adults or they have no time to communicate with the child.

However, very often small children can inadvertently bite or hit your pet. In turn cat or dog may also react to it, so it’s important to teach children to control their emotions and aggression. When the child learns to empathize and respect the animals, vposledstvii will be able to develop these qualities and to the people.

Animals should not bite — they can answer

Closed, shy and uncommunicative children very often see in cat or dog friend with whom you can share secrets, talk about their troubles or joys. Your pet is always able to brighten up the loneliness even though he can’t speak, Yes baby it is not necessary. Animals make great partners games. Conventional toys, even if they are mechanical or clockwork, still lifeless and static. The same animal runs, breathes, rejoices, and mitigates the negative emotions of the child.

In different animals the child may be allergic. Read about it in more detail here .

Very well, if the kid grows together with your pet together. Some of us have had a pet that grew with us literally from the cradle. This contributes to the fact that after a certain period of time any animal ceases to be a toy and becomes a real friend.

The dog or the turtle yet?

If you decide to have a pet at the request of the child, think about who is more fit to baby. Typically, psychologists recommend to choose the animal for temperament and personality type of the child. For example, the phlegmatic kids had to find a “common language” with Guinea pigs, hamsters and mice.

Active and mobile kids really get along well with parrots, which such a Union also is good – after all, in the dreary and bleak atmosphere birds quickly wither. If the child displays a thirst for knowledge or quiet activities, like collecting and thoughtfully coming to life – he’s well-suited to the fish tank.

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