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Why should you get a turtle

Certainly each of us had to face a difficult choice: to have a pet or not. Well, if so, what? It is a difficult decision, because a pet requires attention, care and additional expenses. Tortoise – unpretentious pet that does not require a lot of attention and never Intrusive.

6 reasons why you should get a turtle:

Unlike other four-legged household members, the tortoise do not need every day to walk. It is quite feels good inside the home – a terrarium or aquarium. The tortoise is perfectly harmless creature that will not cause any harm and damage to their hosts. Another great advantage of this animal is the lack of wool. Therefore, it is safe to have in the family has allergies.

The turtle is a survivor. It is hardy and tenacious animal that can be easily adapted to different climatic conditions. It has high immunity and strong protection – armour. In addition, turtles can spend a long time without food and be content with a minimum of oxygen. For example, a giant tortoise that lives on the Galapagos Islands, home to more than 200 years. The most common type – Central Asian turtle, the life of which is 40 years.

The turtle is a quiet and peaceful animal that no one dosaditi does not create any inconvenience. It is Vice versa and novoryt to hide under the shell. So it is necessary to make a Lodge or hole where she could hide from prying eyes. Sometimes she can snort, being an unusual circumstance. But as soon as the turtle adapt and get used to calmed immediately.

The tortoise is a vegetarian and eats very little. So the problems with feeding do not arise. This animal eats fruit, vegetables and herbs. All the food you need to chop or RUB on a grater. In a vegetable salad you can add a pinch of ground egg shell. In the summer time the animal likes to eat berries. The turtle is strictly prohibited to give onions, garlic, rhubarb, asparagus and spinach. Soups, cereals and all kinds of leftovers from the table as it is contraindicated. Since the animal is quite a long process of digestion, it needs to be fed not more than 3 times a week. This applies to adult individuals. As winter fodder you can use dried dandelion, mother-and-stepmother, clover, plantain.

The most important thing that the turtle is completely safe animal. So it’s a win-win of peaceful coexistence in a family where there are children. It won’t hurt the baby in any way, unlike cats and dogs. In addition, care for it under force to everyone. The only rule to follow is to wash hands with soap and water after contact with these animals.

The tortoise is very curious and interesting person. This creature has a very well developed sense of smell. In addition, turtle perfectly distinguish between colors. Despite its slowness, it may wind up to 5 miles a day, being in the fresh air. This unusual animal is very quickly gets used to its owner and always waits for communication with him.

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