The content of turtles at home

These reptiles require minimal maintenance, which is why the content of turtles at home will not cause you much hassle. She is quiet, but like any animal, funny and touching.

The tortoise is a very unusual animal. For centuries it was considered a symbol of longevity and wisdom, prosperity, peace and cosmic harmony. No wonder the ancient has entrusted the mission to be earth’s disk to the turtle. If you decide to get this peace-loving animal a home, then first decide on the form of a turtle. Your home’s pet can be a land or water turtle . Rare exotic turtles buy only in pet stores for important tips on caring for them.

The aquaterrariums and terrariums for turtles

If you have opted for a land turtle, it does not mean that you will be able to save the house for her. The turtle can not live on the floor, on a rug or in a box, it must be specially equipped terrarium . Minimum dimensions terrarium — 60 cm long, 40 cm in width and height. Of course, it is better to check with the specialist, up to what size grows, this type of turtles, and turtle together to choose housing of an appropriate size. As a primer, use hay, sawdust, wood chips and pebble.

Be sure to purchase a heating and UV lamps (combined version),the drinker and the feeder, and decorating not much carried away. Plants need to be watered, and the turtles don’t need extra moisture, in addition, pet them very fast eat.

For aquatic turtles get an aquaterrarium . Its volume can vary from 80 to 100 L. the Aquaterrarium should be equipped with a heating bulb in the 40-60 watt, UV lamp, filter and “coast”. At the pet store you can buy ready-made “beach” or make it from stones or plastic with a sloping ramp. Under natural conditions, turtles clamber ashore to bask. The soil in the snail tank is not mandatory, but you can put shells or stones. They should be slightly larger than the head of the reptile because she can eat them. You can allocate the aquatic turtle snails and small fish.

What to feed a turtle?

Tortoise eats all kinds of fruits and berries, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, dandelions, clover, low-fat cottage cheese, chicken eggs, meat. It can also eat gammarus, earthworms and garden snails. The first two years of turtle requires daily food . her diet should prevail foods of animal origin. Mature turtle feed every other day, dose should be abundant and consist mainly of plant foods.

The diet of water turtles consists mainly of animal food (meat, lean fish, mealworms, gammarus, snails, hard-boiled eggs), as herbal supplements can serve the salad, greens, fresh vegetables and fruits.

In addition, there are special food for land and aquatic turtles. Don’t forget about your turtle the vitamins that you need in your food. Experts advise not to give in a large number of products such as potatoes, celery, garlic, spices, sweet fruits. Of animal food harmful locusts, grasshoppers, crickets, beef and pork. Fatty fish (capelin, sprat, Baltic herring, etc.) before feeding suggest that you hold a couple of minutes in hot water.

Small water turtles eat: 1, 2, 3 years

1.Banana, tangerines, oranges, berries, apples.

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