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Feeding puppies Shar-Pei – Theory and practice

Some people think that a Shar Pei is a very difficult, painful breed that they will not be fed with meat that they have such terrible allergies, and generally people with power. On the other hand, quite often I hear from owners that the dog was being fed soup, dumplings, pasta and as a treat, complete dry food of dubious quality.

So, how to organize the feeding of Pei . This question can rightly be attributed to dogs of any other breed. After all, the Shar Pei is a normal dog, the predator, and its digestive system different from the digestive system of dogs, lapdogs or wolf. However, there are of course some nuances. So historically, traditionally in China, drink (like most other Asian breeds of dogs) eat meat-vegetarian diet. Under natural conditions, the basis of the power of Chinese dogs (Shar Pei, Chow-Chow, etc.) are small rodents, inside which were filled with partially digested grass, plants, roots, fruits. Ie dogs consume less animal protein, vegetable protein, carbohydrates, fiber and they were all healthy and happy. How can we ensure that like to feed the Shar-Pei ?

You can try to imitate the natural food to feed the Shar – Pei raw meat products, mixed vegetables, a small amount of boiled cereals, mainly rice.

When this person proportions usually are: meat 30-40%, vegetables-fruit 30-40%, grains 20-30%. For the meat component of the better alternate as muscle meat (can be inexpensive – of the peritoneum, cheek), offal – tripe (green unbrushed, 1-2 times per week), Celtic, lungs, heart, liver (caution-can be used to induce diarrhea), kidneys, testes, tails, trachea, cartilage, etc. From chicken by-products are suitable for head, neck, carcass, gizzards, heart, liver, chicken and bone mince. You should avoid meat and offal pork – it is too fatty for dogs. All meat products should be given in raw form. However, if you want to organize the feeding of Shar Pei puppies, raw meat and offal have to give great care in mixed occlusion, it is better to boil or scald, sores on the gums from infection. For vegetable mixes use different types of cabbage (white cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower), zucchini, pumpkin, salads, greens, turnips, carrots, apples, artichoke – cheese finely grated or sliced and slightly boiled or braised. In winter you can add sauerkraut (rinsed of brine) cabbage. Sometimes caution can be given beets, bananas, turnips, cucumbers, peppers.

As a source of carbohydrates boiled in water rice floury, sometimes it is replaced or in combination with buckwheat. Other grains, nutrient-poor, poorly absorbed and may be allergic. However, do not rush immediately to send drink on this diet. Any of these components can cause allergies with your dog.

To make the transition smooth. Start with the rice diet – 5 days only rice, boiled in water with a spoon of flax or olive oil. Then type one of the products of animal origin such as beef, start with a small piece, day by day, increasing to normal. Prohibition of allergic reactions start within a few days to enter the zucchini or cauliflower, too, for 5-7 days leave on full normal vegetables. And so, step by step, testing each new component. If the reaction allergisch take 2 steps back, let the dog supradin, and only with the disappearance of the Allergy symptoms once again to try to introduce a new product. In addition, it is necessary to give olive or Flaxseed oil. From time to time – complex vitamins. If you put a dog on such a diet after dry forage or cereals, it is first necessary to provide bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, Mezim, zakislate food a little Apple cider vinegar or ascorbic acid. An indicator that you’re doing it right, will be the General condition of the dog and its Chairman. If you don’t like to set ambitious experiments on his dog, it is much easier (and better for the dog) to find her a good dry food at the pet store. However, the word “good” and “expensive” are not connected, many expensive feed absolutely do not justify their cost and are not suitable for most drink. However, the savings of feed, constantly advertised on TV, do not give your beloved dog. The Shar Pei is well suited fodder with low protein content from 21 to 26%, which is also individually, for example our dogs to tolerate 26% protein, and has lines that are allergic to such foods, and is able to absorb only malobeloe. It is desirable to choose the feed, the first item listed is meat meal, and not cheap fillers. Some dogs on them (corn, corn gluten, soy concentrate, etc.) allergies. First buy a small packet of food, and if the dog was on the other diet, gradually mix food to his normal food, 5-7 days go smoothly on the food. If the dog will refuse food, can be added to feed a couple of tablespoons of buttermilk or sour milk (assuming that your dog has no allergies to milk protein), sometimes the dogs agree to eat the soaked food only to fill it with warm water for 15-20 minutes. If the dog has an allergic reaction, the plant soapko rice diet for 5-7 days to eliminate the symptoms of allergies, and then again to try the food if an Allergy will be a starting point, so we need to pick up the food with a completely different composition. But to pick up once to feed and life is much easier than to experiment with natural food – after all, no one is immune from acquisition of chicken by-products with a high content of chlorine, or from by-products of beef from infected cows. Feeding puppies Shar Pei better the first time after purchase for such leave as he was from the breeder, provided of course that the dog was fed properly.

We do not insist on these two kinds of energy, only you can decide what to feed Chinese Shar Pei . But if your dog excess fat, there otitis media, fester eyes are itching, bald areas, you are likely to feed the dog properly and not worth listening to including to our advice. If you still have questions on nutrition for your Shar Pei, you can email to us.

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