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Pets from different countries

Surely every animal lover at least once in life thought about what it was like to keep house an octopus or a raccoon.

In the countries of the former Soviet Union used to have dogs, cats, fish, rodents and some birds. Therefore it is necessary to consider what Pets live in families, living in different countries.

Many people in India prefer Mangusta.

These animals quickly become attached to masters, obey them, and show the behavior of the educated pet.

To keep this country home of skunk – very fashionable. The animal is affectionate, obedient and beautiful. Skunks are attacking the enemy’s offensive weapons, but their breeders claim that in captivity animals don’t use it.

Exotic-looking anteaters can often be found in the homes of Americans.

Funny animal quickly gets used to his nickname and instantly responds to it. Living at home, the anteaters eat termites and ants –Pets eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Cricket is the favorite insect of the Chinese. Since the XII century in China were popular competitions crickets – won insect, whose singing was the most loud and ringing. Now such competitions are not held, but everyone can for 25 cents to buy a cricket cage and its contents.

The Chinese also love songbirds.In the morning in the parks settlements of China you can see people walking their feathered Pets.

While walking a dog on a leash, a bird thrown in a cage and wear it in the fresh morning air.

In the land of the rising sun love to keep at home exotic living beings. An example of this is the axolotl – a Salamander larva. To purchase the animal can some of the Mexicans living in the territory of Japan.

Trade axotomy officially banned, so you can buy an exotic pet is quite difficult. Axotomy kept in aquariums with special conditions, because the cylinder should not turn into an adult.

Also many Japanese people keep at home rhinoceros beetles.

In this country have African pygmy hedgehogs. This pet costs about $ 300.

Hedgehog normally adapted to domestic conditions, does not smell and quickly gets used to the owners.

In France, the people’s love won the ferret home – ferret. The animal responds to training.

Also, the ferret is a lively accessory for French fashionistas. Flexible and easy ferret you can throw yourself on the shoulder, thereby decorating the outfit.

Sugar flying squirrels give birth to many Canadians. This animal belongs to the marsupials.

The flying squirrel is able to jump and hover while in the air. The animal looks very nice and shows simplicity.

Orangutans can often be found in Indonesian families, especially those with no children.

Apes are not much different from the owners – they wear clothes, sleep in beds, eat at the table. Particularly intelligent animals help to clean the apartment.

Meerkat is not only the perfect pet in this country, but also a talisman.

The people of South Africa believe that meerkat repels werewolves and devils.

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