How to earn on delivery of animal feed to the house
I all the articles were primarily written about business on the Internet, but today I decided to combine online with offline. Now it's all gone to the Internet and online…

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Sensitivity to animals is one of the most common allergies. Any furry animal or bird may, cause allergic symptoms such as redness, itchy skin and nose, watery eyes, nasal congestion,…

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Animal diseases caused by ticks

Parasitic diseases caused by helminths, mites, insects, unicellular organisms. They hurt horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, poultry, rabbits, fish, bees, carnivores and many other species of animals. Many of these diseases are common to animals and humans. Often the pathogens are transmitted from animals to humans and Vice versa. These diseases are common throughout the world, including in Ukraine.

Important role in the emergence of many invasive diseases, play as the vectors of pathogens of mites (piroplasmosis), insects (malaria birds and humans, dirofilaria carnivores and humans, etc.), freshwater and terrestrial molluscs (paschold, dicroceliosis of ruminants, Knotability birds), crustaceans (glenaladale waterfowl). Therefore, a successful vector control, intermediate and additional givethese the causative agents of parasitic diseases is the key to prevention of their appearance.

Diseases of animals caused by ticks (acerose)

Scabies (sarcoptosis, psoroptosis, chorioptes) – disease of pigs, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, caused by ticks Sorbonne. Quite common in Ukraine.

The agents of the sarcoptosis – small arthropods (0.2-0.5 mm), have a roundish shape, pale gray. They parasitize and breed in adamantinoma skin layer. Under optimum conditions, one generation of ticks develops in 15-19. The parasites live within 1.5 months. In the external environment do not proliferate, but retain their motility up to two weeks. Die at a temperature below 0?C. the Eggs remain viable up to one month. Sarcoptes feed on epidermal cells, lymph, inflammatory exudate. Quite often the sarcoptosis pigs, can get sick cattle, horses, goats.

Common scab is a disease caused by ticks-nascarnascar which are ill sheep, goats, rabbits, cattle, horses. Body mites are oval, 0.3-0.8 mm. They are parasitic on adamantinoma layer of the skin, feed on lymph, epidermis with inflammatory exudate. Full development cycle – 14-20 days. Ticks are quite prolific. One pair on the body of the animal can give a million offspring. The number of laid eggs and the development of their offspring depend on the moisture content of skin, thickness of the wool and the ambient temperature. Females live up to two months. Mites are killed both at low and at high temperatures. Indoors can live up to two months on pasture – 1-2 days. Particularly susceptible to disease and fine-wool sheep breeds napstering. The sheep become infected through contact with sick animals. Contributing to unsanitary conditions, poor feeding, respiratory and infectious diseases, helminthiases. In summer, the disease may be chronic in nature, and in winter, when the hair grows, of acute.

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