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The biggest Pets in the world – Dogs

Average size and General physical parameters of various domestic animals have been generally accepted strong opinion. However, sometimes it is at odds with reality.

So, in Texas, settled by no means small hamster named Kaplin Rus. The length of the animal is more than 130 cm weight – 60 kg. Wonder hamster became known for her mistress Melanie Typaldos, who writes a blog about him. Kaplin has a peaceful disposition, his favorite activities – swimming in the river, eating ice cream and sweet dream.

The growth of the biggest dog in the world – more than a meter at the shoulder and weighs about 130 lbs. Only now the name of the giant is not Baskerville and George. The owners claim that they kept a pet on any special diets for weight gain – supposedly, the dog was raised.

By the way, the most muscular dog in the world hound named Wendy, was born with a rare mutation of the gene responsible for the synthesis of the protein myostatin that limits muscle growth. Now Wendy 24 cube instead of the six abdominal muscles put and incredible bulging muscles of her neck is sometimes confused with a mane. Unfortunately, due to the excess weight and therefore, high loads of heart, Wendy will live less than their counterparts. Now she is healthy and happy, spends all his time in prazdnechny in the fields.

The tallest horse in the world is recognized as a male named digger. His height at the withers – about two meters, which means that when he raises his head, the tips of his ears are at a height of over two meters and a half. Mistress giant admits that caring for them is very difficult. After all, to brush Digger, she has to climb the ladder, hay he eats three times more than his counterparts, less growth, and only ride on this mountain – a real adrenaline rush. This is truly heroic steed!

Until Digger is the biggest horse in the world was considered a Cracker – horse breed the Shire. Its height at withers is slightly less than two meters. Among Shires meets most tall and large horses.

As the rest impresses with its size giant cow Matilda. The Picture it above its owner in three heads. Just imagine how much milk she gives!

Well, the biggest domestic cat on the planet Earth is a Maine Coon. Adult individuals reach a weight of 10 kg and resemble a small lynx. By the way, the biggest wild cat in the world – a liger. Actually it is not a separate species, but a hybrid of a lion male and a tiger. Growth standing on its hind legs ligra can reach four feet!

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