Transportation of animals and birds
Transportation of Pets (birds) on aircrafts An-24, An-26 carried out only with the prior consent of the Carrier. From carriage as baggage and carry-on baggage the following are accepted Pets…

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Rules of transportation of small Pets
Dear passengers! Carriage of small domestic animals (Pets), dogs and birds are based on the requirements of the "Rules of carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo on the Federal railway…

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The hunters of the early stone age already had a faithful friend and helper – the dog. Dogs helped people and srednekamennogo century. And in the new stone age appeared and other Pets.

Products of Neolithic artists. archaeological finds

Sometimes the hunt been successful. Kill adult goats and goats, and the cubs fell into the hands of hunters alive. Meat in the community was scarce, and people were wary of the goats. It was placed in a fence from which you cannot escape, and left as “reserve” on hungry days. But the brutal hunger was not, and kids lived week after week near the shelter people. That animals are not killed and children wore them armfuls of grass and twigs. Kids get used to the fact that they are fed. When the animals were released from captivity, they did not run,because I’d forget how to get food free. Goats became domesticated .

Wild goat, pig and sheep – ancestors household

The hunters have decided that it is easier to tame the beast and keep close to home than to look for in the woods and hunt. For hundreds of years have complicated the ability to domesticate animals. Remember: the keeping of animals in captivity, their care and improving their breeds called cattle.


Animals were domesticated for many centuries.

The first animals tamed by people in the 8th Millennium BC have become goats . Wild goats were domesticated in Central Asia. People loved the tender and tasty meat, nutritious milk, strong and thin skin, thick and warm wool goats. It is no wonder that the ancients gratefully called goats best of the animals. Come up with a name for figures of the contemporary artist. In this case the title should be “the first”. Are these drawings of historical sources?

Sheep were domesticated in Central Asia and the middle East in the 8th century BC from There the sheep moved to other countries. Sheep -docile animals, they are easy to herd. Dogs helped the shepherds, and kept small herds of sheep from drifting.

The first breeders. The figure of the contemporary artist

Later pigs were domesticated . Scientists are not yet sure where it happened first in Northern Africa or in China. The pig had a vicious temper, was tamed with difficulty, but became one of the main domestic animals. Because they are omnivorous and can breed in any area.

Cattle also appeared in the economy, but later in 7-6 BC Cows were domesticated in Europe and Asia. Very appreciated for their sturdy skins and nutritious milk, which fed children. In India, domesticated Buffalo, and in mountainous areas of Asia – shaggy yaks.

A Neolithic village, Rasco-penny archaeologists Scotland

However, the best helper in the hard work of herder was a horse . Horses were domesticated rather late – 4.5 thousand years ago in the steppes of the Northern black sea. On horseback, the ranchers were able to distill large herds and not tired. Horses and oxen, harnessed to a cart.

Ware Neolithic, discovered by archaeologists Scotland

Gradually, cattle became nomadic . The nomads did not live in one place, and continually overtook the herd with the cattle eaten pastures new. In deserts, steppes and even in the forest everywhere for the horses was work. The shepherds brought a variety of breeds of horses, fleet-footed horses, powerful draft horses.

Think of a name to the figure of the contemporary artist. In this case the title should be “the first”. Is this figure a historical source?

The people of Egypt domesticated donkeys . These animals were “living motors” primitive pastoralists. Donkeys ridden, carrying loads. In the semi-deserts of Arabia instead of horses, people used strong and hardy camels. And on the ice North of domesticated reindeer. The Indians have tamed elephants and used their power in heavy work. Describe this animal. What do you know about him?

4 thousand years ago in Southeast Asia (Indochina) domesticated small Golden black birds with red crests and loud voices. Eggs and chicken meat has become a delicacy. Under chickens have laid the eggs of wild ducks, geese and brought the Chicks accustomed to people. Indian tribes of America had domesticated turkeys.

Only later were tamed in Egypt cats . From there they spread throughout the world, protecting mice from grain stocks.

Primitive herders noticed that in herds not all animals are the same. Those that grew up faster, less ill, better understood the orders of the shepherds, weighed more, people were kept for breeding. The others ate. People willing to have their flocks were the best animals and bred heavy pigs, fluffy goats, donkeys are hardy, docile and strong horses. Herds were more animals – better.

The economy of modern African pastoralists. Photos

The domestication of animals changed the lives of Neolithic people. Now they are not depended on luck or good luck on the hunt, always had clothes and food, taking care of Pets.

Archaeologists of our country opened a lot of villages of Neolithic herders on the banks of the rivers Dnieper and don. The hut of the Neolithic pastoralists in Northern Europe. Restored by archaeologists

These settlements consisted of small mud huts. There found a well-made tools, shards of pottery, bone beads, jewelry. Scientists have found that these tribes did not cease to be hunting and gathering, because the cattle were given them so far, not too much food.

The work of primitive men continued to be difficult, exhausting. On skeletons from burial grounds on the banks of the Dnieper were able to establish that few people lived to be fifty years old, and forty seemed old.

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