The acquaintance of children of the senior group with Pets and wild animals
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Most exotic Pets.
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She doesn’t listen to me! Dogs

I often advise owners who complain of problems in the behavior of their dogs. As a rule, all complaints begin with the words: “She must (to protect, to bring the wand, to obey, to give food, to leave in place), and don’t do”. And I always say that dog don’T OWE us ANYTHING. We got a dog for herself, we want her to do something for us.

But you can’t get a return, without putting in some effort. If we want to see the dog was pleasant to talk to, so it was comfortable to live, so she performed some work, you need to try. Of course, the main role is played by education. Not training in the conventional sense of the word, namely education. We need to teach the dog to follow certain rules of a hostel.

I remember back in the pre-perestroika times, am very impressed with feeding the dogs in one of the private kennels German shepherd dogs in Ukraine.

The owner of the kennel had eight dogs, they all lived in separate cages but shared the same paddock. Cages were not closed and the dog could safely go to work each in their own enclosures. And now, the time of feeding, porridge is laid out on bowls and bowls placed on a small cart.

Together with the owner approaching the paddock. All dogs, adults and puppies, with the appearance of the host’s food instantly scatter in their enclosures and stands in the doorway, with neterpeniem on the cart. The owner calmly puts bowls in a row and calls on the nicknames of dogs. The dog, which he called, running to his bowl and begins to eat. The rest are waiting for their turn. Here, a young, eager dog rushes to her bowl without permission. Should the cry of the master, and the culprit returns to his aviary. As punishment, she was called last.

None of the dogs tried to try porridge from a nearby bowl, there were no quarrels among them. All clearly, without fuss. And beautiful…

Needless to say that, upon returning home, I have also adopted this practice.

Why am I told this?

Often dog owners complain that their dog jumping around the owner when he brings the food, preventing to place the bowl even knocks the bowl from his hands. The solution in this case is simple but effective. Make the dog sit in a corner until you put the bowl in the allotted space. And only after that allow to approach the bowl.

This will give you not only the opportunity to quietly place the bowl but also teaches your dog to obey you. After all, who resolves to get food – the chief of the pack. This will teach your dog that you have the right to pick up the bowl at any time. After all, from her point of view, food is your property.

Let me give another tip. From time to time approach the dog that eats, and put it in a bowl for a few tasty morsels. It would ease the tension when the dog sees your hand reaching for the food.

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She doesn't listen to me! Dogs
I often advise owners who complain of problems in the behavior of their dogs. As a rule, all complaints begin with the words: "She must (to protect, to bring the…