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How much are domestic turtles?

The cost of turtles as Pets in the territory of the Russian Federation ranges from 500 rubles to 100,000 rubles for individuals exclusive.

For lovers of exotic Pets, if you have Allergy to hair of animals and feathers of a choice if you wish to have a pet become reptiles.

Nowadays many opt for homemade turtles, which love and sympathy to this class of animals grows even stronger.

Of course, I wish to buy a pet or small child to skrashivaya everyday life of an adult, it is better to opt for a more sociable animal.

Turtles are quite slow, they do not respond well to man and his ways to caress the animal, not very well go on contact, and practically tame. Turtle as a pet is suitable for the true connoisseur reptiles as a separate and independent animal, the person who is interested in the life of these centenarians, and a simple observer.

Buy a turtle

How much is the turtle? The price range for these reptiles is quite wide. Often, wanting to buy a pet and knowing how much home the turtle, the buyer will have two diametrically opposite question. Some buyers ask: “Why so cheap?”,other interests opposite: “Why so expensive?”.

And it’s not the place of purchase and not the breeder. The pricing of the turtles depends on the species, the relevance of this animal, ease of breeding and care, the age of reptiles. For example, the cost of pond slider turtles will average 200 to 500 rubles for individual . While the price of the Seychelles land tortoises exceeds 70 000 . Also the fact, how much is a turtle at the pet store, all other things being equal characteristics, depends largely on the size of the reptile.

As a rule, the older the animal, the larger the specimen, the higher the cost. This policy is driven by ease of maintenance and less risk when buying more than adult turtles.

Of course, there are intermediate options for the price. So Central Asian tortoise will cost its owner an average of 1500-2000 rubles.

You should also consider that by buying particularly expensive exotic reptiles, there is a risk to get the property taken out of smuggled animal. To exclude such possibility you should buy these reptiles only documents, and only from reliable breeders.


Of course, like any other animal, the turtle needs a place of permanent habitation. Depending on the species, it can be a terrarium, aquarium or aquaterrarium. The cost of aquaterrarium is from 1000 to 8000 rubles, depending on its equipment and sizes. Also the owner of the reptiles have to spend on food, vitamins, water heater, filters, various bulbs and gravel in the aquarium.

Only provided with all the necessities you can safely go to the pet store for your own turtle.

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