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Ban the walking of large dogs and children were obliged to inform the police about the disappearance of animals

To walk large dogs only on a leash, and in the case of the disappearance of four-legged to notify the police oblige the citizens under the new law. Rules, rights and responsibilities Pets recommended for adoption by the deputies of the Committee on food policy and nature management of the legislative Assembly on Wednesday, January 13, in Vladivostok.

The bill “On keeping domestic animals on the territory of Primorsky region” deputies of the Committee supported unanimously in the second and third readings without any discussion. Although since first reading the document has undergone significant changes. The MPs noted that the bill was corrected a long time and even zoodefenders with him “almost agree”.

The law now prohibits the walking of large dogs (height at the withers 50 cm) to persons under the age of 14 without adult supervision. Walk your four-legged friends in public places can be muzzled, and everyone on a leash. A separate item are prohibited from walking Pets on the areas of children’s, educational and medical institutions, objects of culture, sports and playgrounds.

Owners will be obliged to identify domashnjaja and cats by tagging or marking on the collar. Legislators also defended the four-legged, forbidding to breed and catch them with the purpose of using the skins, meat and bones. Exception — the resulting care wool. Separately, MPs have prescribed liability to the owners for targeted incite the dogs to animals and humans.

“This law is largely declarative in nature. In any case, the owner, if he is a normal person, understood, as well the animal, what environment it has to live. If it’s a pinch-hitter, at home, if husky or Caucasian, it is on a leash in the yard. You need to walk the dog, maintaining its activity. There should be occasions when the children walk the dogs more of their size,” admitted to the correspondent  the Chairman of the relevant Committee of AP PC Eugene Zotov .

MPs decided to exclude from the document the article where prescribed requirements as to the contents of a pet. First facilities for temporary or permanent residence of the animals in their area and equipment should provide an enabling environment for the health of the animal. Under the changes, residents of communal apartments have to ask permission of your neighbor to have a pet. However, those wishing to keep a pet in the kitchens and in the corridors of communal apartments permission will be required.

Lawmakers also deleted from the document item, allowing the presence of dogs without a leash and muzzle when herds of farm animals, while natuski and hunting on the site for dog training. Exceptions were made and the item to prevent animals to the premises of the children’s, educational and medical organisations, on objects of trade, public catering, consumer services, cultural, and religious organizations. Previously, exemptions were only for guide dogs and service.

To contain the Pets to free-range now possible on your own site in an enclosed area without the ability of the animal to be outside. Warning sign about the presence of the dog should be placed in front of the entrance to the site. And the premises in which animals are housed, the owners now must maintain, in accordance with sanitary-epidemiological norms.

The law obliges the citizens to immediately inform the service territory specialist of the state veterinary service about the suspected disease to Pets with rabies, cases pokusa four-legged other animals, carnivores and isolate them. Also among the requirements for the masters immediately to deliver the affected pet (except obviously suffering from rabies) to the nearest vet for inspection and quarantine.

“We made the law, now see how it works. Plug it into the monitoring plan to see how many references in this law as “administrative”. Will meet again and will be able to make changes — no question. The main thing to watch over the implementation if required — will gather before. People at least respected the law, maybe somebody doesn’t know what it is necessary to walk on a leash with large dogs. And because many do not know”, — added the head of the Committee on food policy and environmental Evgeni Zotov.

In case of refusal of a pet requires owners to transfer or sell the animal has necessary conditions for the detention of the person, or placed in a shelter. And if you have lost your four-legged citizens will have to notify the police or local authorities. For this the parliamentarians included in the document the phrase “animal companion” — so legally would be to call the lost Pets.

“Missing dog searches first of all the owner himself. If he doesn’t want her, no one will find. Specifically, the police will not search. But, if to make a statement, they will be aware, this will be announced at the planning meetings, everyone will be watching. This position is more of a limiting factor, because some dogs are really dangerous,” explained Evgeny Zotov.

Despite the abundance of prohibitions and requirements, the document does not specify a punishment for not wanting to abide by new rules of citizens. Administrative responsibility for violation of the rules of keeping Pets is not registered in any provincial legislation, nor in the Code. In this regard, the Committee today decided to support the request of the Khabarovsk colleagues to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to initiate the development of the Code of administrative offences responsibility for violation of these rules.

Now the new rules of content allowed regional parliamentarians will consider at the General meeting. In the case of support at the next meeting the final bill will fall on the table the Governor and will work in Primorye after its signing.

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