Pet child: whom to choose?
For most children the idea of having a pet is an exciting moment. A pet for a child is a wonderful experience that will definitely help him in the future.…

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The euthanasia of animals: the cost of euthanasia of dogs and cats at home, tips to the owner.
In what situations veterinarians will agree to come and perform the euthanasia of animals at home, as is euthanasia and how to prepare for this event, as well as much…

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The advice of a veterinarian

You can save the life of your dog if they knew how to behave in emergencies. Your goal is to waiting ambulance, to prevent damage to the dog’s health, reduce her pain and stress. Dogs are curious and inquisitive creatures that may find yourself a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, in the cities the dogs, left to themselves, often fall under the car.

A pet is a big responsibility. Because each of the owners wants his cat lived for as long as possible and it is completely not sick. A balanced diet is the key to the health of any animal, therefore, when choosing food definitely need to pay attention to its composition. After all, due to the constant intake of essential minerals and vitamins, the cat will feel good, have a beautiful coat and healthy appearance.

In life many of us there comes a moment when we make the decision to get a dog. Maybe it’s our decision and desire, and maybe it’s a wish for the new year of our four-year son. And here this moment has come and now we both have home runs to each person. Now the question arises of feeding pet. Most importantly – to decide for themselves what to feed a dog. We must remember that regardless of the type of feed, the diet of the dog should be balanced

Cats are one of the most popular Pets— can give a real joy for many years. But your Pets are not live cushions and plush toys, they are predators, although they have become Pets, but not lose any of his needs and instincts. These wayward freedom-loving animals are totally dependent on you, so to extend the life of a cat and not put her health in danger, you need to consider tips for feeding domestic cats. Of course, as in any field related to health, animal.

Versicolor is caused by two species of fungi. The fungi of the genus Microsporum and Trichofyton. When you defeat the first born fungi disease called favus, a second – dermatophytosis. How is infection of cats? The pathogen penetrates through the skin microtrauma in close contact with a sick animal with its fur or scales. And not necessarily infection can occur through direct contact with a sick cat. You can become infected through nursing, where the fur or scales of the animal.

Often the diet of cats is of the same type or mixed type of nutrition. In the mixed type there is normal food from the fridge and a special cat food. In the same type — either ordinary food or special food. Here the choice already costs for the owner – to order pet products in a specialty store or to feed your pet natural products. Since feeding natural products can take a long time to cook in contrast to prepared food from packets or cans. But you should understand that that is another option.

At our smaller brethren, like us, have their own shops in which they major active buyers. There fashion and creativity only work on them. Begin the journey in a modern pet shop. So, the store is a unique place where we meet the wonderful world of animals: puppies, kittens, fish and hamsters. There we purchased healthy food for our friends, accessories for maintenance, necessary to ensure that our Pets are healthy and happy. In addition, the pet store becomes a kind of club, it can come.

Delivery is always a huge responsibility and no matter gives birth to human or pet family, still stress and a lot of joy from each new child with nothing to confuse. As a rule, in nature dogs give birth on their own, but in such cases often killed the children’s mother or half of the offspring. Very rare to find a dog family, consisting of more than 4-5 puppies, while at home and using a person’s basically survival of all offspring, and it can be up to 20 kids from one mom.

Owners of cats without hair mistakenly believe that such Pets are almost not to care. Of course, they don’t need to cut, comb, comb, but these cats require special care. The only breed of naked cats – Sphynx. She was bred in Canada and is therefore often referred to as the canadian Sphynx. Hairless cats were brought to America and later to Europe from Mexico. Mostly they were naked and only in the winter were covered with hair. Unfortunately, such individuals are left no offspring. They came and Sphynx. In Russia.

Epilepsy (the disease is translated from the Greek means “caught, caught, caught”) is a neurological disease that is manifested by a predisposition of the organism to the sudden appearance of convulsions (not infectious). Such seizures affect many mammals, including cats. In recent years more and more pet owners face this problem. This disease is accompanied by seizures and even convulsions, partial or sometimes complete loss of consciousness.

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Sick pet? Learn where to treat!

Their illness

Opisthorchiasis – a disease caused by parasites in the liver and pancreas of cats trematodes such as opisthorchis. This trematode.

Protozoal diseases, parasitic diseases, pathogens which are protozoa, which are able to parasitize.

Arachnos is a disease caused by mites. Most often in cats register otodektoza (ear mites ) and notoedric (any itching.

This disease of cats is an inflammation of the endocardium. Depending on the location of inflammation endocarditis can be valvular.

Sometimes cats there is a thickening of the skin, which gradually begins to grow and grow. The similar process.

The disease is characterized by the presence of inflammation in the liver, mainly in connective tissue stroma.

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