Exotic animals at home

To contain exotic animals in his apartment has become very fashionable. Especially, love to deal with people who are often traveling abroad, especially to warm countries. To bring some sort of trinket already interested, so they drag out a wide variety of animals: Salamander, crocodiles, TrioniX, parrots, chinchillas, currents, geckos, Mata – Mata, arrow and many others find refuge in the apartments of citizens.

More than eighty percent of owners are missing the most basic knowledge about their Pets. In fact, the fate of these animals . as a rule, is tragic. By the time of the sale most of them need veterinary care and rehabilitation, and the lack of knowledge and experience further compounds the situation. Usually, when the owners notice the symptoms . it’s already too late – the treatment is ineffective. Special category of customers constitute circus performers and Photographers. Few people think that they use animals in most cases live very little – their lifespan is approximately equal to one work season, and then cheaper to buy new than to heal and repair the old ones. It is worth noting that Western countries are more attentive to the protection of exotic animals . Their content is often just prohibited or require special licensing.

According to the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of dermatology Belarski school of Medicine (Houston) Theodore Rosen, these jivotnymi to bring into the house of a variety of diseases. Like humans, they can be carriers of bacteria and fungi, some of which can cause serious illness and even be deadly. For example, cockatoos and macaws can carry Cryptococcus neoformans is a possible source of HIV infection. Hedgehogs are another potential source of infection. According to estimates of the American veterinary Association, in the homes of Americans living about 40,000 African pygmy hedgehogs – the most popular type of these animals. It is known that these small, but not always friendly creatures carry on their tummies and needles the kind of Trychophyton mentagrophytes, which causes fungal skin lesions observed owners of such animals. Iguana is also quite popular Pets. There are 13 species, but the most popular is Mexican iguana, which can reach almost two meters in length and weigh 90 kg. Iguanas can be carriers of Salmonella. They can also carry the virus after being bitten by iguanas can cause cellulite.

Besides the fact that these animals carry different diseases, they can act very aggressive towards the man and, as happens lately very often attack their owners and kill them. Recently in the town of Newark (USA) 42-year-old American became a victim of the seven exotic reptiles . which a man kept at home as Pets. Ronald Huff for a few days didn’t show up for work and did not communicate with relatives. The police who went to check him at home, in one of the rooms found a man’s body, near which sat seven Nile monitor lizards. In nature, lizards feed on eggs, birds and small animals, but experts believe that animals have sufficient force to attack the man. And this is not an isolated case. People are attacked by snakes, Cougars, crocodiles, chameleons and even the most innocuous mouse. Nevertheless, people continue to buy such animals, hoping, apparently, that they animals do not behave unpredictable and will not cause harm.

As you know most people learn from their own mistakes, so better not to talk to have a home of exotic animals . and make recommendations on their content:

1. Before you purchase the animal . think about whether you need this 2. Choosing a future pet, make sure he is healthy and eats independently. Here, perhaps, it is better to seek the advice of to specialists. Otherwise you risk losing the animal for several months, and the cost of treatment can exceed its price. 3. Keep in mind that by buying an animal . most likely, you do not exactly legitimate action. In the opposite case, the dealer must have documents permitting the import and sale of these animals:

Veterinary certificate from the country of the sender to export the animal

Veterinary authorization of the recipient country for import of animal

Certificate the International Convention on the trade in wild species of flora and fauna from the country of sender

A license to trade animals

4. Before acquiring the animal . you need to prepare the site for its content 5. Your pet should be provided with a complete, natural feed 6. Setting the stage for such an exotic pet . think about what you expect from him. Wild animals hand will never be! 7. Best Pets for kids and their parents are: aquarium fish, birds (Canaries, budgerigars wavy and some others), hamsters, Guinea pigs, and, of course, cats and dogs.

From the foregoing it follows that before you buy an animal of this kind – think about yourself and your safety, because born in the countryside, where reign the laws of natural selection, are unlikely to be tamed by conventional methods.

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