How to earn on delivery of animal feed to the house

I all the articles were primarily written about business on the Internet, but today I decided to combine online with offline. Now it’s all gone to the Internet and online Commerce grows, everything that is bought offline can be sold over the Internet. It is an indisputable fact. But all the question arises…What to sell online? There is a good option, why not feed for animals, namely cats and dogs. Below we will consider the advantages and business model.

Why feed?

1. They were obtained from the Internet;

2. Market margin 30% and above;

3. The demand for animal feed is growing every year. It has become profitable to feed their Pets by special food;

4. The average check of 1,000 USD;

5. Easier to order with home delivery, than to lug from the store 10 or more kg. of feed.

What is the profit

If the average margin between wholesale and retail 30% from each R. 1000 your profit will amount to 300 p. I thought about for the city of Omsk and the real figure was net 30 000 RUB. per month. I asked at a few stores pop the sale of feed for animals and take more often. And the average check of 1,000 rubles. you can safely lift up to 2000-3000 R. T. K. specialized feed just for 1 bag 5 kg. give 3000-5000 R. Otsudil can find themselves.

Where to buy feed in bulk?

Look for a wholesale company) we Have in Omsk several of them.

How to deliver?

Here the only negative. The car is essential. Can of course find a friend with a car and give him 100-150 p. 1 of the order. You in any case will be profitable, as to deliver himself already not necessary, and only to buy to do advertising, to communicate with customers and collect orders.

How to sell? Where to look for orders?

You need a website with product catalog and a form for the application. Such a site will cost about 15,000 p. can book on freelancing or email me.

For orders you can configure contextual advertising in Yandex Direct and Google-AdWords, what can I help you. Also make the group in VK and Odnoklassniki, because it is here your potential customers. For advertising Guidelines and AdWords to pay per month will not be a lot, because the competition is not great, with the exception of Moscow.

Examples of such companies

Yes please) a lot of Them, all to gather I will not. Although links to leave I will not see yourself typing into Google or Yandex. They might think that the advertising deal). Drive “delivery of animal feed” and get great results. Can drive is also a city, so will find and competitors.

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