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Feeding the puppy and adult dog

Immediately after purchasing the puppy You face a choice – What to feed him? A big mistake made by those who believe that a dog needs a varied diet. All dogs acidic and they feel much better on monotonous food.

There are two options:

first – feeding with natural products

the second is the feeding of special private feed.

Feeding with natural products is good because You can periodically give the dog too, that we eat ourselves, besides it tastes better, but no matter how You tried, the victories at the exhibition it is better to forget, because to properly balance the ration it is impossible, and have all the time to monitor the quality of food, food poisoning in dogs is very common. When feeding by special food You can be sure that Your dog receives all the necessary for its growth and development. Dramatically reduces the possibility of stomach problems.

What is not recommended:

In the selection of feed for dogs it is necessary first of all to focus on the firm-manufacturer. Now in stores sold a large number of non-quality forages that cause animal allergies, various digestive disorders, and even General poisoning of the body. It is not recommended to feed the dog feed company “Pedigri has Fallen” (Here ugoditi “Chappy” because most of these feeds are produced in Stupino, Moscow region, as well as Poland and Lithuania). It is also not recommended to feed your dog a domestic feed, the production of which is not yet set to the proper level.

Irish setters are very common severe allergic reaction to poultry. So pick up food where the primary protein source is meat from animals and fish. Avoid in the composition of soybeans.

Whatever dry food you choose, the amount of protein in it should not exceed for adult dogs 25 %, fat not more than 10% for the puppy of protein 33 %, fat not more than 17 %, a higher content of protein is bad for the liver and kidneys of the dog. With the exception of dogs during the hunt, disease, pregnant and lactating bitches, older dogs – when selecting forages for these categories of dogs it is better to consult with a specialist, contact the Chairman of the club or to the veterinarian.

If You choose an adult dog, older than 1.5 years transferred to dry food, it is better to consult at the club and within 1 month should closely monitor the health of Your pet. Do not abruptly change the ration, the dog will need a few days to get used to the new feed. Within 14 days, add the food in with regular food, gradually increasing the amount.

Never interfere dry food with meat or canned food. – an overabundance of protein has a detrimental effect on the health of the dog. The worst thing you can do for your dog.

Sensitivity to animals is one of the most common allergies. Any furry animal or bird may, cause allergic symptoms such as redness, itchy skin and nose, watery eyes, nasal congestion,…


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