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The euthanasia of animals: the cost of euthanasia of dogs and cats at home, tips to the owner.

In what situations veterinarians will agree to come and perform the euthanasia of animals at home, as is euthanasia and how to prepare for this event, as well as much does it cost to euthanize a dog, cat or other animal? The article is written in the most impartial manner. It will help the owner to decide how best to act: to consult a specialist and to euthanize the animal, or is it better to take his medication. After reading it to the end you definitely take the right decision.

Not going to rant on the topic of humane euthanasia. In particularly difficult situations (a serious illness accompanied by severe pain, the animal is not taking their own food, trauma, etc.) is much more humane to alleviate the suffering of creation, than to suffer him and.

How the process of euthanasia and what you need to know the owners?

To euthanize the dog, cat or other animal at home or the veterinary clinic only on the basis of the decision of the veterinary surgeon. First you need to call a vet at home or take the animal to the vet. No adequate physician not fulfill your request “on the move”, for a start it needs to inspect. Very often it happens that after examination by a veterinarian treatment, after which the animal recovers.So do not look for how to euthanize a dog at home, for any home remedies will lead to her painful death. That is the decision of euthanasia is taken by a expert after a thorough inspection.

If the doctor, after examination he consented to the euthanasia of the dog, you even need to think twice. The choice to be serious, because it is better to take the pet to several experts, in order to hear their opinion. It also happens that a doctor recommends to euthanize and the other insists on treatment that can be very effective. To fight for the lives of those who have devoted you this life, you need to the last. Go to euthanasia only if there is no other way.

When putting the animal down is the only humane solution, then do not hesitate. Humane euthanasia involves :

1. The introduction of the animal in the anesthesia, after which it falls asleep.

2. Only after deep immersion in a dream administered the sleep agent. With the necessary means understand veterinarian.

The whole procedure of euthanasia takes about 15-20 minutes. Euthanasia carried out in the manner described is considered to be humane.

The price of the service the euthanasia of dogs and cats at home.

The price of euthanasia depends on the weight of the animal. Below is the approximate cost for euthanasia of a dog or cat at home depending on the size of the pet. Prices are relevant for large cities (Moscow, SPB, etc.). In parentheses are the price of euthanasia of animals for the residents of Ukraine. The cost of euthanasia of dogs will be 20-30% less if you live in a small town.

Without leaving the vet at home the cost will be less euthanasia. The arrival of the vet costs around 1000-1500 rubles. In addition, you will be offered additional services, such as exportation of the animal’s body for later cremation. Can even return the ashes in a special vessel, but such a service will come out much more expensive overall cremation.

By the way, many of the veterinary clinic include the cost of their services removal of body to crematory and cremation of animals (of course, if the customer agrees). The price is lower because if you order the cremation separately, it will be more expensive, as will need to come and get him. Of slumber after taking the body when you go back and transported to the crematorium for cremation. However, some veterinary hospitals may incur additional charges for any other services except of slumber, so better learn about it all.

1000-2000 rubles (100-250 USD).

Note. Prices for euthanasia of dogs and cats in rubles is very approximate and more relevant for big cities in Russia. However, even in St. Petersburg there are proposals from veterinarians put down on a house worth 1300 to 3000 rubles maximum. Sometimes all services (the arrival of the doctor, anesthesia, euthanasia, the removal of the body and cremation), even for the euthanasia of dogs weighing 60-70 kg will cost 5000-7000 rubles. The main thing is not to chase the price, and the professionalism of doctors. Talk with friends about the choice of a good vet in your city.

Additional services. If not included in the basic price, can be offered the above-mentioned additional services:

The removal of the body for the cremation. The cost of the service depends on the body mass of the animal and distance to the destination. Price ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles (100 to 250 UAH.). For transportation of the body of the larger animal will have to pay more.

Cremation. The cost of cremation also depends on the animal’s body weight. Approximately it will cost 1000-4000 rubles (from 100 to 300 UAH.).

Is it possible to euthanize an aggressive dog?

Often to the veterinarian treated the hosts, desperate to rehabilitate aggressive dog. If the veterinarian agrees to euthanize an aggressive dog, it is often these doctors have only one purpose – earning money. Any, even the most vicious, aggressive and uncontrollable dog you can educate and make it the way you want. And those beautiful dogs that is completely and totally devoted to the will of the owner.

Your dog rips a cat, lunges at other dogs, or on the street throws at passers-by? Even in the most neglected and exceptional cases, all of this problematic behavior is corrected by training the canine or persistent self-training. If you do not have the ability or desire to attend classes on training, it is best to give the dog to people who will take care of her. You yourself 100% to cope with the upbringing, if only this makes us lazy and do not give up at the first attempt. All people who do not succeed in raising a dog (actually, as in any other case), prevents laziness.

Conclusion. If your pet is in serious condition – call vet at home, and in no case do not look for methods of self-euthanasia. Also remember that in the case of aggressive behavior of pet euthanasia is not appropriate.

Traditionally post the video. As the normal a video about euthanasia could not be found, and so you already know everything, then take a break from everything and look at the interesting video below about the euthanasia of the cat with your own hands at home with the help of improvised means 🙂

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