Pet child: whom to choose?

For most children the idea of having a pet is an exciting moment. A pet for a child is a wonderful experience that will definitely help him in the future. Unfortunately for parents of children at the initial stage, underestimate the responsibility that will need them to care for a pet. In the end, parents have to take care of dogs, cats and so on. Fortunately, there are a few animals that would be suitable for the role of pet in the initial level.

Taming a pet for your child is a great opportunity to consciously teach them some important life principles. This can prepare them for the obstacles in life, such as death, responsibility and care. They will be able to fully understand the importance of caring for own and other people’s health. To have in the house animal is a great way to help your child grow into a responsible adult. But it is necessary to be extremely vigilant.

Some Pets are not best suited for children as they require a frequent maintenance, and your children will not be able to take care of them appropriately. Offers you a list of the 5 Pets that are not very fastidious and are therefore more suited for this question:

Goldfish – aquarium fish do not require frequent maintenance, and it can teach your child to care for, clean and feed.Goldfish are inexpensive in content and they are ideal for child development.

Hamsters – these little animals have a life cycle, so ideal for your child in order to Mature in time to show the importance of responsibility for another creature. Such a pet for a child – the ability at an early age to learn that all living things are mortal. These rodents will show your child the need for daily cleaning, the acquisition of skills as a General pet care. In comparison with other Pets, hamsters are very inexpensive. Plus they are a great way to give your child a beautiful and gentle friend.

Rabbits – these Pets are more like a toy than an animal. They bring joy to the child, give a pleasant sensation on contact due to its fluffiness. Very popular today is to keep a house rabbit instead of another pet – the cat. This is a great chance for personal development of a child who is not yet fully realized the responsibility for those who tamed, and not ready to care for such Pets as a dog.

Dogs – dog care takes a lot of effort, but at the same time, these animals are very good. Dogs are not only a means of entertainment and amusements and remain forever loyal friends. When you purchase a dog, you need to clearly understand that you are buying an animal that does not tolerate lack of attention. Dogs are a great addition to the family and, as the experience of many breeders, is very hard to react to betrayal and infidelity. If your child requests only dog and doesn’t want to see anyone else around, well, the choice (and responsibility) is yours. If you are a hard choice to decide, I recommend getting a dog of small breeds, such as pug, Dachshund, Terrier or Yorkshire Terrier. However, in this respect not be suitable for all dogs of small breeds. So, the Chinese crested dog is very temperamental and requires special care that your child may not be capable. In General, before settling on a specific breed, check. But sometimes for your child there will be nothing cuter than the usual mongrels. Regular walks with a friend of the family will enable children to spend more time outdoors and to take an active life position. With need accessories such as a leash with the collar, as well as regular vaccinations and anthelmintic purchase tablets.

Cats are the most majestic friends. But they, unlike dogs, can not give your child the emotion that the properties of many dogs. However, they requires little maintenance and won’t “wag” your child’s eyes, when he begins earnestly to do the lessons. Walk their is also not necessary, enough to buy special litter. And at night they sing beautiful lullabies myllykallio. It is best to buy a cat, because cats are less aggressive than males (as a General rule). The cat would be okay if he was a certain age to castrate. But very much depends on the breed.

As for your child, he/she must be aware that to behave accordingly in relation to each pet. For example, fast movements and loud noises can scare a rabbit or a dog. Your child needs to learn how to handle animals gently to take him in her arms, so that, in any case not to hurt him or inconvenience. It is worth remembering that the place where your pet sleeps, is his personal territory and without having not worth to disturb him. It is worth to explain to the child that it is a living creature, and taking responsibility, neither he/she nor you will be unable for any reason to refuse it. The animal, regardless of species, must be tame and part of the responsibility in this matter falls on the child. Always remember that a pet is a living being, not a doll or toy.

If you are ready and decided to buy a pet for your child, I hope, and you acknowledge full responsibility for the life of this creation. Although a pet for a child and may subsequently cause more trouble, his school is a great chance to introduce your child to adulthood.

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