The most loyal dog breeds: a guide in choosing other

In almost every family today, we live any Pets. The hosts are guided by quite different criteria in choosing a future member of the family, but dogs are always waiting for devotion and loyalty. Most attached to their masters and therefore it is difficult to say which breeds are most loyal and which are not. Each animal its own character and features. But experts identify some of the breed from all available today.

So, the top the most loyal Pets:

The border collie

The first in the TOP10 of the most loyal breeds of dogs got wonderful one – man dog border collie. The progenitor of the breed was an English dog Old hemp, who was noted for his quiet and calm demeanour. His descendants today are considered the most intelligent among the other canids.

They immediately become attached to the entire family, not specifically to one member and incredibly sad if there is no opportunity to socialize or play with anyone.

Easily trainable and training, and with strangers neutral and not show aggression. To annoy the dog, you need to try very hard.

She prefers a bad peace is good odds, but on its territory are perfectly capable of protecting the host from the offender.


The Labrador was bred for hunting, but a unique mix of such qualities of character as enthusiasm, playfulness, universal love and true, pure friendship provided to the dog in popularity as a family friend all over the world.

Retriever can play the role of nursery nurses for all small family members. No one loves kids the way dogs of this breed canine.

The dog is docile, well-trained teams and can be a great companion for sports.

She has a high need for activity, so if you have a house with a yard where she could freely frolic, the best friend you will not find.

German shepherd

To the most loyal dog breeds include German shepherd. And it is clear, only the dog owner chooses one and remains loyal to him until the end of life.

And if initially it helped with the cattle, then later established itself as an indispensable aide, patrol, communications officer, scout, guard and police dogs.

Blooded “Germans” do not have negative character traits, and positive. They live to serve his master, and rejoice in the opportunity to benefit.


What breed of dog is the most loyal? The most intelligent and devoted to its owner dog breed Beagle. It also originally bred for hunting, but later her attitude towards the man was appreciated. The dog, one might say, in love with his master and is willing to be with him day and night, to keep company in any business. Gets along well in a family with small children and loves participating in various children’s games and pranks. These animals are extremely friendly, but require a firm hand and training.

The Brittany Spaniel The Brittany

One should pay attention when choosing a loyal friend? The dog from the kind of the Brittany Spaniel the Brittany.

She easily adapts to any environment, sociable, intelligent and attentive, and most importantly – mentally balanced. Energetic dog on walks, loves the hunt and easily adapts to the mood and desires of his two-legged friend.

The main advantage of the breed can be called the thrill of the hunt, instincts, and intelligence.

And if you are interested in, what breed of dog is the most intelligent and dedicated, then pay attention to the Brittany Spaniel the Brittany.

Japanese Akita

In Japan the Akita Inu is considered a symbol of devotion. Representatives of this breed are independent, proud and Autonomous nature, but they are so attached to its owner that life without him can not imagine.

And if you are looking for a loyal and reliable life partner, the Japanese Akita is the right choice. This dog is incredibly lively and playful and is able to retain these character traits to old age.

Definitely requires training and slack in the master feels easy. So you need to be assertive, demanding and self-confident to get a puppy of this breed, otherwise the grown dog just “sit down” .

St. Bernard

What breed meets the above stated requirements? The St. Bernard. This is the most calm and phlegmatic animals, expressing their attitude to the master of the slow-waving tail and relaxed lying in the legs. Earning the love of the dog, the owner may receive loving and devoted to the death of a friend.

An adult dog can be a great nanny for the baby, and the puppies will not fail to take the opportunity to participate in children’s games.

The Saint Bernard can without exaggeration be called the most intelligent animal of the canine family.

He understands all the commands but when assesses the situation and makes an independent decision.


In the top 10 of our list and the boxer is intelligent, loyal and good character. The owner loves her and tries never to lose sight of him. Sometimes it can create a lot of noise, but experts recommend addressing that with training. Easily trained and can become a good watchdog or guide.


Blindly loyal to his master and a Dachshund. This being the short little legs differs a hot temper, and all family members loves the gentle and selfless. It will be appreciated by the owner with a sense of humor because the dogs of this breed it is too. Can be a good watchdog and is ideal as a baby gift.


Bulldog Daisy, who is in love and attachment to the main person in their dog’s life.

Friendly and outgoing, he can with equal success to keep the company of a child in active games and lying with the owner near the TV. Parting with the owner of the bulldog sees as a heavy blow, but losing his family, is experiencing severe psychological stress.

That’s a compilation of the most loyal dogs to their owners.

Based on this list, you will always be able to determine the breed of dog, your preferred and choose a pet with whom in harmony will live the rest of his short dog’s life.

The most loyal dog breeds: a guide in choosing other
In almost every family today, we live any Pets. The hosts are guided by quite different criteria in choosing a future member of the family, but dogs are always waiting…


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