Exotic Pets

Feeding the puppy and adult dog

Immediately after purchasing the puppy You face a choice – What to feed him? A big mistake made by those who believe that a dog needs a varied diet. All dogs acidic and they feel much better on monotonous food.

There are two options:

first – feeding with natural products

the second is the feeding of special private feed.

Feeding with natural products is good because You can periodically give the dog too, that we eat ourselves, besides it tastes better, but no matter how You tried, the victories at the exhibition it is better to forget, because to properly balance the ration it is impossible, and have all the time to monitor the quality of food, food poisoning in dogs is very common. When feeding by special food You can be sure that Your dog receives all the necessary for its growth and development. Dramatically reduces the possibility of stomach problems.

What is not recommended:

In the selection of feed for dogs it is necessary first of all to focus on the firm-manufacturer. Now in stores sold a large number of non-quality forages that cause animal allergies, various digestive disorders, and even General poisoning of the body. Continue reading

Exotic Pets: danger to life!

Defenders of wildlife has repeatedly stated that keeping exotic animals as Pets is dangerous not only for the animals themselves, but also for people. There is a lot of evidence when attacking these animals, or careless handling of them ended tragically for the unlucky owners . One of the last of such incidents reported in the press, and reiterated the need for tougher laws against those who provides exotic animals and selling them, occurred in Zionsville, Ohio, USA.

The incident, which forced the Governor of Ohio, John Kasich (John Kasich) . to sign the order, effectively outlawing unlicensed sale of exotic animals, happened on October 18 of this year. We are talking about the strange act of a resident of Zanesville, a Terry Thompson (Terry Thompson) . who decided to commit suicide, but not before no less shocking deed released all his private menagerie. Will broke lions, tigers, bears, monkeys and other animals. The authorities of the city had no other choice but to shoot them all until someone gets hurt. As a result, was destroyed about 50 animals.

Statistics – the zoo at home is not the place!

According to information received from special American organizations – Born Free USA . which is opposed to wild animals materialistically owners at home, since 1990, there were about 1,500 incidents involving exotic Pets . This organization not only keeps records of such events, but also tries to follow the fate of each animal by recording whether the animal was transferred to the zoo, euthanized, or released into the wild. Continue reading

The euthanasia of animals: the cost of euthanasia of dogs and cats at home, tips to the owner.

In what situations veterinarians will agree to come and perform the euthanasia of animals at home, as is euthanasia and how to prepare for this event, as well as much does it cost to euthanize a dog, cat or other animal? The article is written in the most impartial manner. It will help the owner to decide how best to act: to consult a specialist and to euthanize the animal, or is it better to take his medication. After reading it to the end you definitely take the right decision.

Not going to rant on the topic of humane euthanasia. In particularly difficult situations (a serious illness accompanied by severe pain, the animal is not taking their own food, trauma, etc.) is much more humane to alleviate the suffering of creation, than to suffer him and.

How the process of euthanasia and what you need to know the owners?

To euthanize the dog, cat or other animal at home or the veterinary clinic only on the basis of the decision of the veterinary surgeon. First you need to call a vet at home or take the animal to the vet. No adequate physician not fulfill your request “on the move”, for a start it needs to inspect. Very often it happens that after examination by a veterinarian treatment, after which the animal recovers.So do not look for how to euthanize a dog at home, for any home remedies will lead to her painful death. That is the decision of euthanasia is taken by a expert after a thorough inspection. Continue reading

Hibernation of reptiles and amphibians (Sera)

Reptiles and amphibians are cold blooded animals i.e. their body either does not produce heat, or capable only to a limited extent. This means that such animals do not have constant body temperature, as occurs, for example, in humans, and depend on external heat sources. The heat need to give your body temperature, because only at a certain temperature you can flow the most important processes in the body, such as digestion.

But it also means that with decreasing external temperature the animals no longer required by their organisms heat they begin hibernation.

Winter hibernation – part of the annual rhythm of animals. It marks for them the beginning of the new year, i.e. a decisive factor for the beginning of the breeding season. Hibernating reptiles and amphibians should not be confused with hibernation badgers, bears or squirrels, during which their body temperature is not reduced, but the animals just fall asleep for a long time

Generally, all reptiles and amphibians living in temperate climate (e.g. Europe or North America), hibernate. However, this occurs differently, depending on the form of animals So You must get information how to provide hibernation for Your Pets, from an experienced breeder or from the literature

Preparing hibernation tortoises should begin in canaleta. The excrement of turtles should be checked by a veterinarian for necessary treatment (e.g. de-worming) that need to take place before the onset of winter. Sick and weak animals should not be in hibernation, it is best to place them in the appropriate room the terrarium. Young animals in their first year of life should, if possible, to stay asleep only a short time For hibernation of tortoises perfect normal fridge. Continue reading

The sheep feeding – the feeding peculiarities of the sheep, feed the sheep

For those who have decided to devote time to such an occupation as a sheep, the key to success is proper organization of the process of feeding the sheep. This depends, first of all, the health of animals, their development and growth, precocity to fertilization, quality of meat, milk and wool. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some features of feeding sheep .

Although the sheep is quite unpretentious to feed and pet readily eats those types of plants that do not breed cattle, a pasture for flocks of sheep should be selected based on several requirements. The main condition – the territory does not have to be wet and marshy. Damp has an adverse effect on the health of sheep. Inflammatory diseases of the hoof, invasion of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, colds in the lungs is the consequence of keeping and feeding sheep in the wet.

Grazing period of sheep feeding lasts from 100 to 200 days, depending on the region contents. On pasture feed animals must not be moved with extreme caution, gradually increasing the time each day grazing. It will protect the sheep from disorders of the digestive tract due to eating the lush grass. Pastures for walking and feeding sheep out to not boggy,but not dusty areas. Dust adversely affects the quality of wool. Otherwise, the grazing may be suitable any free from dense forest land. You should only remember that even the summer keeping sheep on the range require a full feeding of animals vitaminiziruet and mineral supplements. The amount of feed additives is calculated from the number of heads indicated in the instructions, servings per head. Continue reading

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