Exotic Pets

Transportation of animals and birds
Transportation of Pets (birds) on aircrafts An-24, An-26 carried out only with the prior consent of the Carrier. From carriage as baggage and carry-on baggage the following are accepted Pets…

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What animals can be reared at home
Today, the breeding of animals and birds – the main way of earning of the population in the villages of Russia. If you decide to breed animals on his farm,…

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Exotic animals at home

To contain exotic animals in his apartment has become very fashionable. Especially, love to deal with people who are often traveling abroad, especially to warm countries. To bring some sort of trinket already interested, so they drag out a wide variety of animals: Salamander, crocodiles, TrioniX, parrots, chinchillas, currents, geckos, Mata – Mata, arrow and many others find refuge in the apartments of citizens.

More than eighty percent of owners are missing the most basic knowledge about their Pets. In fact, the fate of these animals . as a rule, is tragic. By the time of the sale most of them need veterinary care and rehabilitation, and the lack of knowledge and experience further compounds the situation. Usually, when the owners notice the symptoms . it’s already too late – the treatment is ineffective. Special category of customers constitute circus performers and Photographers. Few people think that they use animals in most cases live very little – their lifespan is approximately equal to one work season, and then cheaper to buy new than to heal and repair the old ones. It is worth noting that Western countries are more attentive to the protection of exotic animals . Their content is often just prohibited or require special licensing.

According to the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of dermatology Belarski school of Medicine (Houston) Theodore Rosen, these jivotnymi to bring into the house of a variety of diseases. Like humans, they can be carriers of bacteria and fungi, some of which can cause serious illness and even be deadly. For example, cockatoos and macaws can carry Cryptococcus neoformans is a possible source of HIV infection. Hedgehogs are another potential source of infection. According to estimates of the American veterinary Association, in the homes of Americans living about 40,000 African pygmy hedgehogs – the most popular type of these animals. Continue reading

Feeding puppies of the toy-Terrier, Chihuahua and Yorkies

Feeding is one of the most important problems in growing a puppy toy Terrier, Chihuahua or York.

If You want Your puppy grew up strong, healthy and happy, he needs correct feeding.

To start feeding a puppy brought from a breeder, you must strictly on his recommendation to avoid stomach upset from sudden diet changes. And you should continue to build diet your puppy in accordance with the recommendation of the breeder.

In future it will be possible to translate puppy to your diet, but it has to happen gradually. The puppy should be a specific place for feeding.

Feeding levels depend primarily on the size of the dog (the capacity of her stomach). Overeating and malnutrition adversely affects activity of the digestive tract. Are formed constipation or diarrhea, irregular bowel movements.

Depending on the age of the puppy depends on the number of times of feedings per day.

from 1.5 to 3 months fed 6 times a day, from 3 to 4 months fed 5 times a day, from 5 months – 4 times a day, from 6 months to 3 times a day, after 7-8 months they are fed 2 times a day, morning and evening as adult dogs. Continue reading

Rules of transportation of small Pets

Dear passengers!

Carriage of small domestic animals (Pets), dogs and birds are based on the requirements of the “Rules of carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo on the Federal railway transport”.

1. Transportation in long-distance trains of small domestic animals (Pets), dogs and birds (not more than one seat one issued the travel document (ticket) and no more than two small domestic animals (Pets) or two birds at this place) is allowed in excess of the standards for hand baggage in a separate compartment (except for cars with 2-berth compartments (SV) and superior carriages).

2. Small house (room) animals, dogs (except large breeds and dogs) and birds are transported in boxes, baskets, cages, containers that should be placed on the ground intended for placing Luggage, and which should be so arranged as to prevent the possibility of animals causing harm to passengers and the carrier and shall be placed on the ground, designed to accommodate hand Luggage. The amount of such item of hand Luggage on the sum of three dimensions must not exceed 180 cm.

3. Transportation in long-distance trains of small domestic animals (Pets), dogs and birds is carried out under appropriate veterinary documents. 4. For the carriage of small domestic animals(Pets), dogs, and birds their owners or attendants must meet the sanitary-and-hygienic mode in the car. Continue reading

How to earn on delivery of animal feed to the house

I all the articles were primarily written about business on the Internet, but today I decided to combine online with offline. Now it’s all gone to the Internet and online Commerce grows, everything that is bought offline can be sold over the Internet. It is an indisputable fact. But all the question arises…What to sell online? There is a good option, why not feed for animals, namely cats and dogs. Below we will consider the advantages and business model.

Why feed?

1. They were obtained from the Internet;

2. Market margin 30% and above;

3. The demand for animal feed is growing every year. It has become profitable to feed their Pets by special food;

4. The average check of 1,000 USD;

5. Easier to order with home delivery, than to lug from the store 10 or more kg. of feed.

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Sensitivity to animals is one of the most common allergies. Any furry animal or bird may, cause allergic symptoms such as redness, itchy skin and nose, watery eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, difficulty breathing, chronic sore throat, cough, wheeze, etc. among other things such allergies can significantly worsen the course of other manifestations. In fact, the allergens do not produce the animals, it’s just that the wool, feathers, etc. is a wonderful container. Examples of animal allergens:

saliva (dogs, cats, horses, etc.);

urine (cat, dog, small laboratory animals);

serum (part of blood);

Horny scales (Susanna skin);

epithelium (Susanna skin);

excrement (parrots, pigeons, etc.).

The impact of allergens on the patient occurs by inhalation of dust. The most common are allergic to cats, and the most severe forms are marked if you are allergic to horses and small rodents. Patients who are allergic to dogs she is marked on any of the breed: short-haired dogs are as allergic as long-haired. Allergy to birds is indirect in nature: usually develops a reaction on their feathers, and parasitic mites in them. Continue reading

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