Exotic Pets

She doesn’t listen to me! Dogs

I often advise owners who complain of problems in the behavior of their dogs. As a rule, all complaints begin with the words: “She must (to protect, to bring the wand, to obey, to give food, to leave in place), and don’t do”. And I always say that dog don’T OWE us ANYTHING. We got a dog for herself, we want her to do something for us.

But you can’t get a return, without putting in some effort. If we want to see the dog was pleasant to talk to, so it was comfortable to live, so she performed some work, you need to try. Of course, the main role is played by education. Not training in the conventional sense of the word, namely education. We need to teach the dog to follow certain rules of a hostel.

I remember back in the pre-perestroika times, am very impressed with feeding the dogs in one of the private kennels German shepherd dogs in Ukraine.

The owner of the kennel had eight dogs, they all lived in separate cages but shared the same paddock. Cages were not closed and the dog could safely go to work each in their own enclosures. And now, the time of feeding, porridge is laid out on bowls and bowls placed on a small cart.

Together with the owner approaching the paddock. All dogs, adults and puppies, with the appearance of the host’s food instantly scatter in their enclosures and stands in the doorway, with neterpeniem on the cart. The owner calmly puts bowls in a row and calls on the nicknames of dogs. Continue reading

How much are domestic turtles?

The cost of turtles as Pets in the territory of the Russian Federation ranges from 500 rubles to 100,000 rubles for individuals exclusive.

For lovers of exotic Pets, if you have Allergy to hair of animals and feathers of a choice if you wish to have a pet become reptiles.

Nowadays many opt for homemade turtles, which love and sympathy to this class of animals grows even stronger.

Of course, I wish to buy a pet or small child to skrashivaya everyday life of an adult, it is better to opt for a more sociable animal.

Turtles are quite slow, they do not respond well to man and his ways to caress the animal, not very well go on contact, and practically tame. Turtle as a pet is suitable for the true connoisseur reptiles as a separate and independent animal, the person who is interested in the life of these centenarians, and a simple observer.

Buy a turtle

How much is the turtle? The price range for these reptiles is quite wide. Often, wanting to buy a pet and knowing how much home the turtle, the buyer will have two diametrically opposite question. Some buyers ask: “Why so cheap?”,other interests opposite: “Why so expensive?”. Continue reading

Ban the walking of large dogs and children were obliged to inform the police about the disappearance of animals

To walk large dogs only on a leash, and in the case of the disappearance of four-legged to notify the police oblige the citizens under the new law. Rules, rights and responsibilities Pets recommended for adoption by the deputies of the Committee on food policy and nature management of the legislative Assembly on Wednesday, January 13, in Vladivostok.

The bill “On keeping domestic animals on the territory of Primorsky region” deputies of the Committee supported unanimously in the second and third readings without any discussion. Although since first reading the document has undergone significant changes. The MPs noted that the bill was corrected a long time and even zoodefenders with him “almost agree”.

The law now prohibits the walking of large dogs (height at the withers 50 cm) to persons under the age of 14 without adult supervision. Walk your four-legged friends in public places can be muzzled, and everyone on a leash. A separate item are prohibited from walking Pets on the areas of children’s, educational and medical institutions, objects of culture, sports and playgrounds.

Owners will be obliged to identify domashnjaja and cats by tagging or marking on the collar. Legislators also defended the four-legged, forbidding to breed and catch them with the purpose of using the skins, meat and bones. Exception — the resulting care wool. Separately, MPs have prescribed liability to the owners for targeted incite the dogs to animals and humans. Continue reading

Interesting facts about Siamese cats

Siamese cats, in addition to graceful appearance, are intelligent, playful and loyal Pets. This breed has many unique characteristics, and they are one of the most recognizable cats in the world, thanks to the exotic color and vigor. Siamese cats have a long body, beautiful almond-shaped blue eyes, large ears and wedge-shaped muzzle. They have a short silky coat with dark points – markings.

1. Siamese cat is an ancient breed

Like most cat breeds, the true origin of Siamese cats is shrouded in mystery. Some argue that these cats were the Pets of kings . others believe that they were raised by Buddhist monks.

When members of the Royal family died, it was believed that the Siamese cat has received their soul. The cat was transferred to the temple, she and the rest of your life spent in luxury under the care of the monks.

Thai manuscript “Poems cat books” you can find the first description of cats with darker color on the extremities, made between the 14th and 18th centuries . This suggests that the Siamese cat is a very old breed, even if we don’t know where it came from.

2. Siamese cats appeared first on major world cat show

When Siamese cats were first introduced on cat show in England in 1871,describing them as “an unnatural, nightmare kind of cats, unique and elegant with smooth skin and ears, painted at the ends black, and blue eyes with red pupils”. Later, they became one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. Continue reading

The advice of a veterinarian

You can save the life of your dog if they knew how to behave in emergencies. Your goal is to waiting ambulance, to prevent damage to the dog’s health, reduce her pain and stress. Dogs are curious and inquisitive creatures that may find yourself a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, in the cities the dogs, left to themselves, often fall under the car.

A pet is a big responsibility. Because each of the owners wants his cat lived for as long as possible and it is completely not sick. A balanced diet is the key to the health of any animal, therefore, when choosing food definitely need to pay attention to its composition. After all, due to the constant intake of essential minerals and vitamins, the cat will feel good, have a beautiful coat and healthy appearance.

In life many of us there comes a moment when we make the decision to get a dog. Maybe it’s our decision and desire, and maybe it’s a wish for the new year of our four-year son. And here this moment has come and now we both have home runs to each person. Now the question arises of feeding pet. Most importantly – to decide for themselves what to feed a dog. We must remember that regardless of the type of feed, the diet of the dog should be balanced

Cats are one of the most popular Pets— can give a real joy for many years. But your Pets are not live cushions and plush toys, they are predators, although they have become Pets, but not lose any of his needs and instincts. These wayward freedom-loving animals are totally dependent on you, so to extend the life of a cat and not put her health in danger, you need to consider tips for feeding domestic cats. Of course, as in any field related to health, animal. Continue reading

The hunters of the early stone age already had a faithful friend and helper - the dog. Dogs helped people and srednekamennogo century. And in the new stone age appeared…


Ban the walking of large dogs and children were obliged to inform the police about the disappearance of animals
To walk large dogs only on a leash, and in the case of the disappearance of four-legged to notify the police oblige the citizens under the new law. Rules, rights…