Exotic Pets

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How to care for Pets?

Today almost every family has Pets. However, this is not just a fun toy with which to play, but the real family members that you need to take care of.

By purchasing puppies or kittens, the first thing you need to do is get the right shots and first rabies shots. No one is immune from that by releasing the animal to walk on the street, he will not be bitten by an infected rodent. In this case, rabies is bad not only on the pet but also in humans. In addition, the outdoors, animals can catch a viral, fungal or bacterial infection. To avoid this, you need time and regularly to instill them.

However, in addition to vaccination, protect Pets from disease and to protect your family from unpleasant consequences, and using the regular baths. After walking it is very important to wash the paws of an animal, as with streets that will bring not the small dose of harmful microorganisms.

In addition, it is necessary to implement prevention against parasites because they greatly reduce the immunity of the animal. We should not forget about purchasing drugs from worms.

To favorite dog or cat will always be healthy and cheerful,it is very important to provide them proper nutrition. For example, a great dish will become dry Akana (food for dogs and cats). However, you might want to treat their Pets and the usual food, prepared with their own hands. But don’t forget about the addition to the diet of the animal all the necessary beneficial vitamins and minerals. As a rule, in most cases in dried poop all the nutrients already included. The only thing we should not forget, when the animal diet consists of dry food, is on the provision of drinking water, otherwise otherwise it may lead to disruption of the gastro-intestinal system. Continue reading

Pets from different countries

Surely every animal lover at least once in life thought about what it was like to keep house an octopus or a raccoon.

In the countries of the former Soviet Union used to have dogs, cats, fish, rodents and some birds. Therefore it is necessary to consider what Pets live in families, living in different countries.

Many people in India prefer Mangusta.

These animals quickly become attached to masters, obey them, and show the behavior of the educated pet.

To keep this country home of skunk – very fashionable. The animal is affectionate, obedient and beautiful. Skunks are attacking the enemy’s offensive weapons, but their breeders claim that in captivity animals don’t use it.

Exotic-looking anteaters can often be found in the homes of Americans.

Funny animal quickly gets used to his nickname and instantly responds to it. Living at home, the anteaters eat termites and ants –Pets eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Continue reading

Animal diseases caused by ticks

Parasitic diseases caused by helminths, mites, insects, unicellular organisms. They hurt horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, poultry, rabbits, fish, bees, carnivores and many other species of animals. Many of these diseases are common to animals and humans. Often the pathogens are transmitted from animals to humans and Vice versa. These diseases are common throughout the world, including in Ukraine.

Important role in the emergence of many invasive diseases, play as the vectors of pathogens of mites (piroplasmosis), insects (malaria birds and humans, dirofilaria carnivores and humans, etc.), freshwater and terrestrial molluscs (paschold, dicroceliosis of ruminants, Knotability birds), crustaceans (glenaladale waterfowl). Therefore, a successful vector control, intermediate and additional givethese the causative agents of parasitic diseases is the key to prevention of their appearance.

Diseases of animals caused by ticks (acerose)

Scabies (sarcoptosis, psoroptosis, chorioptes) – disease of pigs, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, caused by ticks Sorbonne. Quite common in Ukraine.

The agents of the sarcoptosis – small arthropods (0.2-0.5 mm), have a roundish shape, pale gray. They parasitize and breed in adamantinoma skin layer. Under optimum conditions, one generation of ticks develops in 15-19. The parasites live within 1.5 months. In the external environment do not proliferate, but retain their motility up to two weeks. Die at a temperature below 0?C. the Eggs remain viable up to one month. Sarcoptes feed on epidermal cells, lymph, inflammatory exudate. Quite often the sarcoptosis pigs, can get sick cattle, horses, goats. Continue reading

The biggest Pets in the world – Dogs

Average size and General physical parameters of various domestic animals have been generally accepted strong opinion. However, sometimes it is at odds with reality.

So, in Texas, settled by no means small hamster named Kaplin Rus. The length of the animal is more than 130 cm weight – 60 kg. Wonder hamster became known for her mistress Melanie Typaldos, who writes a blog about him. Kaplin has a peaceful disposition, his favorite activities – swimming in the river, eating ice cream and sweet dream.

The growth of the biggest dog in the world – more than a meter at the shoulder and weighs about 130 lbs. Only now the name of the giant is not Baskerville and George. The owners claim that they kept a pet on any special diets for weight gain – supposedly, the dog was raised.

By the way, the most muscular dog in the world hound named Wendy, was born with a rare mutation of the gene responsible for the synthesis of the protein myostatin that limits muscle growth. Now Wendy 24 cube instead of the six abdominal muscles put and incredible bulging muscles of her neck is sometimes confused with a mane. Unfortunately, due to the excess weight and therefore, high loads of heart, Wendy will live less than their counterparts. Now she is healthy and happy, spends all his time in prazdnechny in the fields.

The tallest horse in the world is recognized as a male named digger. His height at the withers – about two meters, which means that when he raises his head, the tips of his ears are at a height of over two meters and a half. Mistress giant admits that caring for them is very difficult. Continue reading


The hunters of the early stone age already had a faithful friend and helper – the dog. Dogs helped people and srednekamennogo century. And in the new stone age appeared and other Pets.

Products of Neolithic artists. archaeological finds

Sometimes the hunt been successful. Kill adult goats and goats, and the cubs fell into the hands of hunters alive. Meat in the community was scarce, and people were wary of the goats. It was placed in a fence from which you cannot escape, and left as “reserve” on hungry days. But the brutal hunger was not, and kids lived week after week near the shelter people. That animals are not killed and children wore them armfuls of grass and twigs. Kids get used to the fact that they are fed. When the animals were released from captivity, they did not run,because I’d forget how to get food free. Goats became domesticated .

Wild goat, pig and sheep – ancestors household

The hunters have decided that it is easier to tame the beast and keep close to home than to look for in the woods and hunt. For hundreds of years have complicated the ability to domesticate animals. Remember: the keeping of animals in captivity, their care and improving their breeds called cattle. Continue reading

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