10 most expensive Pets. These Pets can be ruined.

For each owner his pet is the most expensive in the world. Even if it was an ordinary stray dog or a kitten from the street. But with how much money people are willing to give up to purchase a pet? Edition Ofigenno.cc did a review of 10 most expensive animals in the world, which can be purchased legally.

And the list doesn’t contain the albino tigers or record of the Arab horses. It will be about small animals that can be kept in almost every home.

Bengal house cat Price for this sweet kitty ranges from 1 to 3 thousand dollars. These animals appeared in 1961 as a result of crossing domestic cats and, in fact, wild Bengal cats. As a result of long hard work of breeders managed to bring a sustainable breed of domestic Bengal cats. Cats of this breed are famous for their leopard-spotted coat and excellent hunting instincts.

Japanese macaques are the Most cold resistant monkey in the world is worth at least 3 thousand dollars. These monkeys live in forests of Japan, and can well endure the winter with an average temperature of 5 degrees below zero. Macaques are good at swimming and particularly cold winter I like to warm up in the hot springs. Recently, these animals were listed in the international Red book. However, after receiving a special permit, nonpriority legally.

Bichon Lyon, or lion dog funny These dogs were once listed in the Guinness Book of records as the rarest breed of dog. Although the breed has been known since the middle Ages to the twentieth century are forgotten, and lion dogs almost disappeared completely. Over time, their population was restored, however, the price still remains exclusive. For a good purebred puppy lion dog asking from 3 to 7 thousand dollars. Continue reading

Animal diseases caused by ticks

Parasitic diseases caused by helminths, mites, insects, unicellular organisms. They hurt horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, poultry, rabbits, fish, bees, carnivores and many other species of animals. Many of these diseases are common to animals and humans. Often the pathogens are transmitted from animals to humans and Vice versa. These diseases are common throughout the world, including in Ukraine.

Important role in the emergence of many invasive diseases, play as the vectors of pathogens of mites (piroplasmosis), insects (malaria birds and humans, dirofilaria carnivores and humans, etc.), freshwater and terrestrial molluscs (paschold, dicroceliosis of ruminants, Knotability birds), crustaceans (glenaladale waterfowl). Therefore, a successful vector control, intermediate and additional givethese the causative agents of parasitic diseases is the key to prevention of their appearance.

Diseases of animals caused by ticks (acerose)

Scabies (sarcoptosis, psoroptosis, chorioptes) – disease of pigs, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, caused by ticks Sorbonne. Quite common in Ukraine.

The agents of the sarcoptosis – small arthropods (0.2-0.5 mm), have a roundish shape, pale gray. They parasitize and breed in adamantinoma skin layer. Under optimum conditions, one generation of ticks develops in 15-19. The parasites live within 1.5 months. In the external environment do not proliferate, but retain their motility up to two weeks. Die at a temperature below 0?C. the Eggs remain viable up to one month. Sarcoptes feed on epidermal cells, lymph, inflammatory exudate. Quite often the sarcoptosis pigs, can get sick cattle, horses, goats. Continue reading

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